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    LD: Talking to DC about LDing, Kissing DCs

    by , 08-01-2012 at 05:55 AM (708 Views)
    Old LD from 12-26-07

    Lucid dream 2:

    This dream started out at my gandparents' house.

    I remember a part of the dream where there is a really big spider in the bedroom. It's body was blue and looked like it was covered in jewels. But still I didn't like it in the house, so I tried to smack it with my shoe (that was off). It missed and the spider started to run out of the room and down the hallway. I ran after it and stepped on it. I looked at the spot where the spider was and only saw a couple of large legs.

    I then looked down at my shoe, that I was now wearing and saw some large legs wrapping around the bottom of my shoe. The legs were still wiggling, and I was suddenly afraid that the spider wasn't dead and that it would crawl up around my shoe and up onto my bare ankle. So I stepped down hard again, just as my grandma walked out of her room. I told her about the spider. I apologized for the big yellow stain that was on her rug now from the squished and now very dead spider.

    She said it was okay, and that she got very big black widows in her room from time to time that she had to squish.

    I then remember being outside on her lawn. There were lots of neighbors sitting around talking. I overheard a guy talking about these candies that he had that were, "good for dreaming."

    I walked over to him and questioned him. I wanted to know what the candies had in them that made dreams better. I asked him if it was B6. He looked at me like he was surprised that I knew about these kinds of things.

    I then admitted that I was a Lucid Dreamer.

    There was a lady standing nearby, and she asked what was so cool about lucid dreaming. I asked her if she had ever had a lucid dream. She said that she hadn't. So I tried to explain what was so cool about lucid dreaming. I asked her if she had ever seen "The Matrix". She said she hadn't. So I tried to explain, "Well, just imagine that you "wake up" in a world that seems real in every way, and yet it's not. And you have the ability to fly and control things and to just expereince being in a world that's all in your head--yet seems physically real."

    She didn't seem impressed. I told her, "If this were a dream, I could go fly away right now." And with that I took off. I was slightly surprised because throughout that whole conversation I hadn't had a clue that I was dreaming.

    So I flew out over my gandparents' yard and wanted to continue to go straight as the land sloped downward to the rest of the city that was in the valley. But I couldn't stay high. I kept following the contour of the land and was never more than about ten feet above the ground.

    Then as I flew, the dream started to fade and I woke up. I didn't move I focused again and seeing the city in front of me. I started to see the scene. Then I got to the point where I felt I was back into the dream enough that I could start moving again. So I started flying again.

    This thing happened to me at least three times, maybe more. Each time I was able to re enter the dream fully lucid.

    One of the times I remember rubbing my arms when the dream faded and the kept me from losing the dream.

    I started to get tired of this and wanted to interact with DCs. I saw an older man with a newpaper in his hands walking along below me, I swooped down and without giving it much thought, I started to kiss the man. I told myself that I wanted to see if I would feel real. It felt pretty real. I started to fade again. I then was able to keep in the dream, and I started to fly around to find someone else to kiss. But every time I saw a guy, he was with a girl and I didn't really want to deal with that. Sometime I would come up to them and pull them toward to me to look at them. Each time the DCs just stood there and didn't really react. The one DC that did react was when I pulled a person toward me that ended up being a girl. She pushed me away.

    More happened at this point but I can't remember details.

    I do remember waking up and starting to write down this dream 3 times each time finally realizing that I was still dreaming. I was finally able to wake up and take real notes.

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