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    LD: TOTM-- Looking in my Closet

    by , 10-15-2012 at 06:34 PM (387 Views)

    Lucid dream:

    I was downstairs on my treadmill. I looked over to where my workout bench was supposed to be. I was surprised that I didn't see it. I looked away, then looked back. There it was. I closed one eye. The workout bench was gone again. I switched eyes, and the workout bench was back. I thought that was really odd and bizarre.

    Then it hit me that I might be dreaming. I took a little jump and floated off the floor. The first thought to come to mind that I needed to fly upstairs and look under my bed, so I could finally get that task completed.

    I flew up and went into my bedroom. I saw my bed as it is in real life with the boxsprings sitting directly on the floor. There was no space under the bed. I tried to reach under anyway. But there was no place for my hand to go.

    I then looked up and saw my sister there. At that point I had a False awakening. I saw black.

    I concentrated on the basement again. And I soon found myself on the treadmill again where I had started.

    I flew upstaris again, this time picturing my bed with a space underneath. I got to my bed, but again, there was no space under the bed. My friend Emily was sitting on the bed with papers spead out all over it. I got distracted a bit and lost lucidity for a moment as we started to discuss those papers, which were very important in the dream.

    I then had another false awakening. I pictured myself on the treadmill again, and was soon there.

    I flew up the staris again remembering that I could look in my closet. I sat on the floor in front of the closet and reached in. The first thing I pulled out was a pair of brown jeans with a black belt on them (not anything I own in real life). I dropped then behind me. I then pulled out a black T shirt with the word "Peppers" written on the front in faded grey letters (also not real).

    I then started going through my shoes. These were all familiar from real life. I then saw the duffle bag that IRL holds my AstroScan telescope. I reached in and could feel the round smooth surface of the telescope.

    I then pulled my clothing aside and looked in the back corner. I saw two Kermet The Frog Puppets (No, it didn't make me think of my Pig Puppet). I actually owned a Kermit puppet a long time ago. It didn't seem strange to see two of them in my closet.

    I then stood and walked to my dresser drawer. I pulled the top drawer open and sorted through things. I saw a stack of photos. There were pictures of groups of people in a place that looked very familiar. [In retrospect the place was actually a place I had visited several times in my dreams.]

    I then pulled out one of the carving's that Oneironaught had sent me (in IRL), except this one was half finished and the wood was an odd orange and black color.

    I also remember seeing a little flower charm that would have gone on a necklace.

    I think I saw many other things, but this is all I remember.

    I then pulled open one of the small side drawer. There were lots of things in this drawer, but all I remember is that everything was so very dusty with a fine reddish brown dust. Oh, there was a pair of scissors in that drawer.

    I then opened the small drawer under that one. This drawer was full of old cassette tapes. I pulled three out. They seemed to be fancy and instead of a paper label on them, there was a brown leather label. One said, "Global", another said, "Treadmill", and the last said, "Health". I figured these were old workout tapes that I used to use.

    Before I could search any longer, I woke up.

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