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    Lucid Dream: Flying with Xander

    by , 12-21-2011 at 05:05 PM (581 Views)
    Old LD from 8-8-07

    We can do anything.... (Lucid Dream):

    This one started as a typical school nightmare. I was in high school or college. I couldn't remember my schedule or my locker combination.I remember thinking... "Well, I'll just go to the office to pick up my schedule and locker combination." But I couldn't remember how to get to the office.

    I had this tiny computer in my hand. I decided that I could find out my schedule by looking online for it. I tried to type . But I couldn't push the right keys. I tried over and over and was getting very frustrated.

    I finally ended up ina classroom. The teacher was Cordelia (from Buffy the Vampire Slayer).

    I sat down next to Xander. We had this huge assignment that we were having to work on together. I was very stressed about getting it done. I also realized at this point that I was supposed to be taking this test.

    At the moment I started to panic, I realized that I was dreaming. I had this wonderful sense of relief. I didn't have to finish the assignment or take the test. I could walk away from it all.

    I looked over at Xander. "Do you know what this means?" I asked him. "We can leave." I then took his hand and we floated out of the room.

    We ended up in my front yard. I man I know was there (MM). MM asked Xander if he was an Eagle Scout. I told him that he had gotten very close.

    Then some weird guys dressed up in Halloween costumes came into the yard. I could tell that they were going to cause trouble. Xander wanted to stay and confront them. But I pulled his arm and turned him to face me.

    "Let's not fight them. This is just a dream. We can do anything"

    At that, he looked at me and smiled and gave me the "ohyahbaby" look:

    But in this dream I had other ideas. I told him, "Look at me..." And I took off flying in the sky, laughing.

    He saw me flying "swimming style" and told me to make rockets come out of my feet--that we could go a lot faster if we did.

    I looked at his feet and could see little flames shoot out of them as he suddenly took off fast. I then pressed my legs together very tense and straight and concentrated on flames coming out of my feet too. I knew it had worked when I started flying after Xander very quickly. I remember thinking that I really needed to remember this style of flying becasue it was really better than what I did most of the time.

    Xander and I fly for a while until he wanted to stop and eat at a restaurant.

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