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    Lucid Dream--Going through Portals and Meeting DV Members

    by , 12-20-2011 at 04:59 AM (731 Views)
    Old LD from 7-3-07

    Lucid dream /Tasks:

    I have vague memories of sitting on a chair at a round table and staring at the ground. I remember things being somewhat fuzzy.

    As I was looking, I suddenly realized that this was a dream. Everything still felt extremely fragile for a moment while I got myself fully immersed into the dream. And then, there I was.

    I am unsure where this went from here. Several things happened in this dream, and I am trying to get them in the right order. I think at this time I stood up and looked around. I was in a big school auditorium. There was a small stage in the center of the room. It looked like a band was getting ready to come on and play. I could see other people (maybe 20) hanging out.

    I suddenly remembered I had Tasks to do. I searched the crowd. There had to be a DV member in this crowd. I coldn't see anyone that I recognised.

    I then saw some band members coming out. I thought, "This will be so easy. I'll make sure CoLd BlooDed is the guitarist." But then the guitarist came out, and it was a guy with blond curly hair.

    I was beginning to feel frustrated that the DV members weren't appearing. This was supposed to be something I was good at.

    The next thing I remember was being in the air spinning around. It came to me that this is the first time that I had ever spun in a dream. I was glad I was doing it, because hopefully it would help me to stay lucid even longer.

    After spinning. I started flying across the room, back and forth. I then decided that I should try the Advanced Task of going through a portal. There were no mirrors in the room, but I did see a dark dark spot (about 3 feet diameter) on one of the walls. I decided to aim for that spot.

    I sped up and went feet first into that spot. I was successful. It was a portal. All around me I could see more circles that I was going through. And the feeling was incredible.

    I came out in another room. I had to do it again because it felt sooo good. So I started flying around the room and aimed for the dark spot that was on the wall in this room. The same thing happened. .....the continuing circles and that wonderful feeling.

    I did this several times going from room to room just enjoying the experience, until I was back in the original auditorium. I looked at the walls. There were murals painted on the wall. Some were paintings from the Peter Pan movie. I could see one that showed Neverland.

    I decided that I really wanted to go to Neverland. So I decided to make the painting of Neverland be my next portal. I flew again, feet first at the painting. I went through. There were no circles this time. I tried to make out Neverland. I wanted to be in the sky looking down at the island. I could see it. But the detail was so bad. It was like looking at a poorly done painting. I didn't have the feeling of actually being there.

    I suddenly decided that I had done enough with portals and that I really needed to try the DV member part of the Task now.

    So when I came out back in to the auditorium, it was now filled with people sitting at tables. I decided that i would make myself confident and assume that this was a DV reunion.

    I sat down next to a lady at one of the tables. She looked like she was dressed up to be in a movie. She had blue make-up all over her face and had what looked like a bleached blond wig. She also had glasses, and I believe she had a bright green shirt (or outfit) on. I didn't recognise who this was. But I realised that it could be any number of DV members under the costume.

    So I sat next to her and asked, "Which DV member are you?"

    She answered and said "Clairity."

    I said "Hi Clairity, do you know what other DV members are here?"

    She points to a table and says, "Well, that's Gomer, and that's Ivan."

    I felt disappointed because those were not DV members that I knew.

    Gomer then stands up and comes over to Clairity and for a moment I think he is about to flash her. But he doesn't get his pants down very far before he bursts out laughing like it's some inside joke.

    Gomer then starts to take charge. He is holding a clip board and some raffle tickets. He then announces that everyone needs to get a raffle ticket if they haven't yet. They are only five dollars, but this is covering the cost of the reunion and everyone who has a ticket will be able to take home an audio recording of this event.

    For a moment I feel a little insecure--I have no money with me. But then I realize again that this is just a dream.

    And at that moment I woke up.


    I just checked. There are DV member named Gomer and Ivan...both are lurkers with no posts. Funny how I was able to pick actual names of Members. Although with a site this big, it's not that great of a coincidence.

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