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    Markus, Jillian and Tom

    by , 04-14-2011 at 03:54 AM (697 Views)

    Dream 1:

    I was feeling a little depressed about my raw diet. I hadn't been feeling good one night and let myself eat some warm soup (yes, that was in real life) and was feeling down about it thinking that I had totally blown everything. So I found Markus Rothkranz (wish I had remembered I needed to go flying with him again.) I sat down with him and started to tell him my tragic story about giving in and eating the soup. I went on and on and he was a wonderful listener. But before I could get any feedback from him Jillian Michaels comes in and pulls me away and asks me to talk to her about how I was doing on my diet. So I began my sad story again to her. But I was able to tell her that I thought that the reason I wasn't feeling well the night of the "soup incident" was that I had been really working hard doing her workouts every morning and that I thought that maybe that had triggered a detox.

    I woke up before either Markus or Jillian could talk to me, but I feel that this dream was good because I got to put my feelings into words and share and get it off my chest.

    Dream 2:

    I was in a store or place where Tom Delonge was. Most people had already gotten autographs and left. I finally went up to him and asked if I could take a picture with him. But when I tried I found that my camera just wasn't taking pictures. But I knew that if I switched it to video mode that it would work, so I did that and got some clips of him being goofy. The dream went on and i can't remember all the details. We were hanging out doing something. And he started flirting with me and told me I had a nice butt. And then he kept trying to touch it.

    I know....I know....Famous people = Dreaming. Especially famous people trying to touch my butt.

    Just not catching it.

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