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    Mostly T-Rex Dreams

    by , 06-05-2012 at 10:53 AM (476 Views)
    I'm really behind on my dreams again. So I'll share a couple from last night. My memory isn't the best, but oh well.

    Dream 1:

    I was with a groupl of people and we were staying (living?) in this big place that was a bit like an indoor stadium. What made this so unique is that there was a T-rex that also lived in there (oh yes, another t-rex dream. Unfortunately I haven't been posting my other recent t-rex dreams).

    I feel like I spent that entire dream trying to get from one side of the stadium to the other without attracting the t-rex. I know at one point I was hiding in this cave-like place while the t-rex paced around the entrance, so I wasn't doing a terrible good job at avoiding it.

    Anyway...while I'm at it:

    Other recent T-rex dreams:

    I was at my friend Neisha's house. She had invited me over for a sleep over. The room we were going to sleep in was really big, like a gym with a water fall in the middle of the room. It would have been a great place for a sleep over except for one liitle problem. There was a t-rex that also lived in that room. I knew that I wasn't going to be able to relax or sleep well with that thing in there.

    And this:

    I was in the backyard of my old LA house. I was happy to be back and was enjoying the backyard. But then I noticed there was also a t-rex in the backyard. I felt a little upset. Why did we have a t-rex back here? How was I supposed to enjoy my yard if I always had to worry about being eaten. This sucked. I climbed on the roof while I pondered what I should do.

    Back to last night's dreams:

    There was this teenaged girl (Jessica S from down the street). I suddenly realized that I was her mother. I was confused at how I had gone so long without knowing this fact. I decided that I needed to go talk to her and try to start a relationship with her even though it all felt terribly awkward.

    And from two nights ago:

    I was flying. I was trying to accomplish something that I no longer remember. But I remember the feeling of flying and trying to go faster. Also impressing people with my great flying ability.

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