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    Power to Move Things with My Mind

    by , 07-23-2013 at 08:39 AM (495 Views)
    I was with a group of people in a study room in the library at a college. I was feeling really tense and anxious since I had recently found out that I had the power to move things with my mind. I wanted to show my friends what I could do. I tried to explain, but no one was getting it. I finally had them all go to the other side of a table.

    I put up several objects and told them that when I was done I wanted them to try to move the objects toward me with their minds. At the same time I would try to push the objects toward them with my mind.

    But as I was setting up the objects I could tell that no one was really paying attention to anything I was doing. I was suddenly kind of angry. Without saying anything to them I just quickly concentrated on the objects sending them flying over the edge of the table. Instead of waiting for a reaction, I took off running out of the library and down one of the paths on campus.

    The next thing that I remember I was sitting in a room with a guy that was a psychologist. He was actually Oneironaught (GH) from DV. I wanted to tell him that I was able to move things with my mind and wanted to know what that meant and what I should do about it. But as I looked at him he was busy writing something down in a notebook. I wanted his attention, but he wouldn't look at me.

    I was suddenly angry again. I looked over and saw a box of multigrain Cheerios sitting by a chalkboard. I concentrated and suddenly the Cheerios flew out of the box. As they flew out of the box I arranged them on the chalkboard. I started off forming the word "HI". But since I didn't want GH to mistake who was responsible for the Cheerios I then added "From Christine". I watched GH for a reaction. As soon as the Cheerios started flying he stopped writing. He then slowly turned his head and looked at the chalkboard and then slowly back to me. I looked at him like "See...this is what I am talking about."

    I don't remember what happened next, but I do remember thinking about this power and what this would mean for me. Most of me was really excited to be able to do this. I wanted to experiment. To learn the extent of my powers. I was a little worried that I might use my powers by mistake and accidentally hurt someone. I wanted to make sure I was totally under control.

    This is all I remember of the dream. I do remember waking up directly from this dream and feeling a huge disappointment that I really didn't have the power to move things with my mind.

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