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    Semi Lucid Dream: Waking up with the Powells

    by , 10-09-2015 at 05:40 PM (637 Views)
    Here is a Semi Lucid Dream I had about 5 days ago. I sort of knew I was dreaming, but I wasn't thinking real coherently like I woudl it I were totally lucid.

    Waking up with the Powells

    This dream started off at the beach. As I was walking along the shore I stared noticing that it was full of life. I remember looking into a pool of water in the sand and seeing a tiny octopus. I pulled out my camera, but it was having some issues, and I wasn't sure it was getting the pictures (Total dream sign).

    I also saw a sea otter and a bunch of other life that I no longer remember.

    At some point in the dream I meet up with Chris And Heidi Powell and their kids. Somewhere in here I start to become lucid. My memory isn't the best here.

    But I remember that I had us all stand in a circle and hold hands. I had told them that we were all dreaming. I wanted to do an experiment. I wanted us to all suddenly try to wake up, and as soon as we woke up I wanted us to touch our fingers to our noses. For some reason, I pictured all of us waking up somewhere else, but still all standing together and holding hands. So I had thought it would be cool to see how long it would take each of us to wake up and remember the task of touching our nose. And we would all still be there and we could discuss this.

    Seemed like a good experiment, right?

    Well, I then tried to force myself awake. Thoughts of Poet went through my head as it was harder than I remembered to make yourself wake up from a strong dream.
    But after a few more seconds I did wake up. Waking up like this gave me the impression of moving myself through a solid object--which I have done in dreams before, and it has a "thick" and "slow" feeling about it. But I finally burst out the other side.

    ....And I found myself in bed. And the Powells were nowhere in sight. And I had a "What was I thinking?" moment.

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