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    Short LDs

    by , 12-07-2011 at 04:05 AM (463 Views)
    Old Dream from 4-22-07

    Dream 8:

    I was standing by a car on a street in LA where my best childhood best friend lived. I could see kids all playing outin the street. I wondered in anyone would recognize me.

    Then they started running and one shouted at me "The bandits are coming! Hide in you car."

    I looked down the street which was no empty of children and saw these guys on motorcycles coming down. They had guns and were shooting into the houses. I knew my car wasn't the safest, but I knew if I ran toward I house at this point would justmake me an easy target.

    So I got in the car and ducked down low.

    I suddenly realized that my car was moving down the street. They guys on motorcycles were following me.

    We got a a big intersection and were about to turn. I distintly remember thinking, "I can just watch this as a movie. I don't have to participate."

    That thought made me LUCID.

    I realized that I didn't have to stay in the car and be chased by the guys with guns. I could make them all go away.

    I wanted out of the car. I remembered a recent thread on DV about how LDs could be dangeous if you do things that could kill you in real life. So I decided I didn't want to just open the door and jump out--I might be starting a bad habit.

    But before I could figure out a solution, the car door opened on its own, so I flew out. I flew up to the top of a building. I landed and thought for a second about what I wanted to do as my Task for this dream. I thought about the coming Task for May. I debated for a moment on whether I should try it or not. I knew it was too early to get credit for it. I looked around. I saw a planter in the median that was planted with palm trees. I took a good look at that first palm tree. Should I...should I....?

    But before I could do anything more, I woke up.

    Dream 9:

    I was sad to have awakened so quickly from the LD I had just barely started so I willed myself back to the dream. The next thing I knew I was back at that intersection and very lucid. It was now dusk. I looked back down at the palm tree and decided not to do that Task. I decided instead that I wanted to make a Star Wars Character appear. I decided I would be happy with either Luke or Anakin. I hoped that they would have their light sabers with them.

    But I woke up again before anyone showed up.

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