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    The Time Loop

    by , 01-26-2015 at 06:46 PM (430 Views)
    I'm not sure now to describe this dream. It was very long and complex, but when I think about writing it down, I can't think of how to explain it, so it may be pretty short.


    I was in a sort of "time loop". It was like for years I had been doing the same thing. I had been going to the school and being with my sister who is a teacher and with Mrs L. I had a tradition of doing a storytelling presentation. Every time it was the same, because every time in the "time loop" the day started exactly the same. But then suddenly I was there and about to do my presentation and realized that something had happened, and everything was different. I remember going into Mrs. L's office and we were both feeling nervous about what was happening.


    Wow, that was a terrible way to describe what felt like an epic dream.

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    Tags: sister, time