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    Tornado/End of the World Dream

    by , 03-13-2012 at 07:28 PM (506 Views)
    Dream 2:

    There was a huge tornado coming. I was running and trying to find a place to hide. I was in the downtown area of a big city. I first ran into a building, but then saw that it was full of tools including chainsaws that I decided that I didn't want to be near when the wind blew them all around. So I ran out again. I decided to find the biggest building I could find to hide in. I figured that would be the safest. But then I turned and saw that the tonado was just a few blocks from me. It had ripped out a huge skyscraper. I then saw the building, full of people, come crashing to the ground. I felt sick. I had just witnessed the death of so many people. I ran again to find a place to hide.

    At some point I had found a little girl that I was trying to protect. She had dark blond hair and was maybe 6 years old. I wanted her to be safe more than anything. I finally found a building and ran in. It was a library. I didn't like the thought of the books flying around and hitting us, but I knew that we had no time left to find a better place. I decided to remove the books on the bottom of one of the shelves and then crawl in. I had the girls squeeze in with me. Then I had this sudden fear that when the tornado came that the girl would be pulled away from me. So I unzipped my jacket and pulled her close and zipped it up again around both of us.

    I don't really remember what happened after that. This dream seemed to last a very long time. I do remember at some point talking to my friend Shannon about the tornado.

    Later I remember that I had taken care of this little boy, dark haired, around 4 years old. I had finally met up with his dad who looked like Robert Downey, Jr. I remember sitting on a bed with the boy while he was in the bathroom shaving. It seemed that the world was in total chaos and we were trying to find a way to survive.

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