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    TOTM LD: Bringing a Drawing to Life

    by , 10-09-2015 at 06:20 PM (584 Views)
    I had this dream a couple of weeks ago when it was still September, but I unfortunately didn't write it up in time to get credit for the Task of the Month.

    Bringing a Drawing to Life

    This dream started out in a parking garage. I was a vampire slayer, but I had gotten myself in over my head, and I was having to bail. I had a large group of vampires after me and I needed to get away and re-think my plan and come up with a new strategy.

    I had gotten enough ahead of the vampires that they couldn't see me. I took this opportunity to jump out of the parking garage. I was about three levels up, but I landed well. I was grateful that I was a vampire slayer and was able to do that without getting hurt. [My mind is so good at creating reasons why I can do things, so I don't question my reality. ]

    I quickly ran past a few stores in an open mall and finally decided I needed to be off the streets, so I ducked into one of the stores. It was a clothing store, and as I ran in I quickly started to take off some of my clothing, like my black leather jacket that I knew would give me away as the Slayer. I grabbed a pink sweater and pulled it on. Then I found a fluffy white knitted hat and slipped that on next. I did this with several more items until I was pretty sure that the vampires wouldn't recognize me.

    Somewhere in here I suddenly became lucid. I don't remember the "ah-ha" moment. But as soon as I was lucid. I totally forgot about the vampires. (See, if I were more like my friend I would have had an epic battle. I really need to remember this.) But the thing on my mind was the Task of the Month. The task I wanted to accomplish was to draw something and then bring it to life. I felt that was right up my alley.

    So I ran over to a desk that was in the same store and saw some paper and a pencil. I picked up the pencil and started drawing the first thing that came to mind--which happened to be a huge spider that filled the entire sheet of paper. i was impressed at how good of a job I had done drawing it. It was drawn in the 3D style you see a lot of these days. It already looked quite realistic. I got ready to concentrate and bring it to life--when I suddenly stopped myself. What was I thinking?? Did I really want to bring this spider to life and let him loose in my dream? I would have to worry for the rest of the dream that it would start crawling up my leg. And dream or not, I didn't want to have that happen.

    So I tried to think of something else to draw. I looked at the paper and saw that there was a mouse that was already partially drawn. I decided to finish it. But the angle was off. I couldn't get it to look like I wanted. I didn't like the way the previous person had drawn its eye. I realized that trying to finish someone else's picture was harder that starting my own.

    So I decided to start all over again. I decided to draw a snake. I started with the tail and drew up to the head. As I got to the head I wanted to make absolute certain that I was not drawing a viper's head--because that would be every bit as bad as having that spider on the loose. (Why was I drawing all these potentially dangerous animals anyway??) So I made the snake's head so small that it blended in with it's body. I started making a stripe down the back of it's had as to make certain that this was a garter snake--NOT venomous.

    For some reason I didn't bring the snake to life. I'm not sure why I changed my mind. I finally decided to draw ants and make them come alive. Ants were easy to draw and they were also very safe.

    So I doodled a couple of little ants, nothing fancy, and then stared at them and willed them to come to life. After just a few seconds one of the ants suddenly became real and quickly ran over the edge of the paper and hid under it. That was fast. I then did the second ant. And before I had a chance to get a really good look at it, it too had run off the paper hiding under some other papers on the desk.

    And I think something woke me up at this point because I don't remember anything beyond this.

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