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    Two Dreams: Creepy guy and Hiking

    by , 11-12-2011 at 02:50 PM (494 Views)
    Dream 1:

    I was traveling somewhere with Jeff and Tito. We had stopped at a large motel. We had parked around on the back side. We had to walk up a little hill to get to the building. As we walked my feet got caught in all the burrs in the weeds on the hill. It was like velcro. I could barely walk. But I somehow managed to yank my feet up and make it to the motel. I also felt this awful dark feeling. I felt something was wrong and that something bad would happen.

    I think we talked to someone in the motel (this part is fuzzy). We had these little toy things that could transform when you took them to this special place. This motel had one of this places. We got two of the toys transformed, but then I said that I felt we needed to leave. The guys also felt this. So we walked back down the hill where our feet kept getting stuck.

    As we were almost to the car I could see that this creepy guy was following us. We ran to the car, but the creepy guy was able to jump inside the car. Jeff took off driving down the street. The door on the creepy guys side wasn't shut. I reached around and kicked at him with my feet. I told Tito to also kick at him since he was next time him. We finally kicked him out of the car. I look back and saw his body flying arcross the road and hitting a light pole. I wondered if he had survived. I asked the guys if they thought we needed to call the police and tell them what happened. I was worried that we would be reported by the bystanders who didn't know the situation.

    And that's all I remember.

    Dream 2:

    I was at this resort at the base of this mountain. I knew that there were some amazing hikes that started right behind the resort. I wasn't prepared for a big hike, but I wanted to hike just a little of the trail and then head back. I followed this girl. She had a little trouble getting up this really steep part. I felt a little proud that I got up it with no problem. I followed her for about a half mile or so. She stopped to change a shirt. I stopped and talked to her. I asked what her plans were. She told me that she would hike til dark, then make camp. I looked at saw that her backpack was tiny. There was no way she had a tent or sleeping bag or any camping gear of any kind I that pack. I told her that it woud be getting really cold, but she didn't seem to be worried. I didn't know if I should try to talk her out of it or not. I didn't want her to freeze to death. But she seemed so confident that I let her go on while I turned aruond and went back.

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