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    Two Micro Nap LDs: Reading Words on a Paper

    by , 01-14-2015 at 06:35 PM (416 Views)
    The other day I had a couple mini lucid dreams. I should probably call them "Micro Lucids" because they were super short, but in them I was able to accomplish one short task each.

    These micro LDs occurred while I was trying to take a power nap. As I drifted off I found myself standing with a piece of paper in front of me that had writing on it. I always like to reading things in LDs. So I picked up the paper and took a look. It said....*drumroll* ........"Replanting the file eon"

    And I immediately woke up. What the heck does that mean? I wrote it down and decided to finish my power nap. Strangely, the same exact thing happened again. I'm standing there with another piece of paper. I hoped this message would be more meaningful. I looked closely and read the words, "Zero the charm" And I immediately woke up again and wrote the words down.

    So I have to wonder why my brain came up with those weird random phrases. Hmmmm....

    Both of these dreams happened so fast that I hardly even knew I was sleeping. In fact, it was one of those nap "dreams" where you are still mostly awake, but you start seeing the dream before your eyes, like a little hallucination, but you are still thinking consciously like you are fully awake. It was like a WILD with an instant transition. Happens a lot in nap dreams. There is probably a name for it, but I haven't looked it up.
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    1. Verre's Avatar
      I love the phrases you get from dreams and the hypnagogic state! They are so much more poetic than most things the waking mind could come up with.
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    2. Twoshadows's Avatar
      Yes! It's so fascinating. I'm not sure I would call mine "poetic", but they are bizarre and fun to try to figure out. I used to get them more often. I would call them "The Voices". I remember one day several years ago I had a great experience with the Voices. I need to pull that one back up. It is written in my old Dream Journal on this site. I have so many more dreams in that journal than this one. I need to get more transferred over to this one, so I can tag and categorize them better and have them in one place.

      Anyway, thanks, Verre, for the comment and getting me to think about the Voices again.