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    Vampire Dream

    by , 12-19-2011 at 05:57 PM (636 Views)
    Vampire Dream:

    [This is a sexual dream and I will be omitting some of the details...sorry.]

    I was captured by a vampire. He was holding several other people captive also. I knew the vampire planned to kill all of us. I wondered what it would feel like to die. Would it hurt? How painful was a vampire's bite? Didn't vampires seduce you before they bit you? Maybe I would be so entraced that I wouldn't noticed that I was dying. All these thoughts were going through my mind.

    Then suddenly the vampire appeared before me. He walked toward me. He had long flowing blond hair and wore black leather pants and a while blousy shirt. He reminded me a little of an 80's rock star. He was very good looking.

    He smiled at me as he slowly came closer. He seemed to know what I had been thinking. I started feeling dizzy just looking into his eyes. The guy was gorgeous. He then put his lips to mine and my mind started to swirl. I only remember briefly thinking that he was seducing me and that this could be the end. But it felt so good that I didn't care. I lost track of time. I was completely caught up in the passion that swirled around me. I seemed to come in and out of consciousness. I remember at one point realizing that he had pulled my shirt up. I didn't care. Everything felt so good. At another point I remember my pants being down. I was vaguely conscious that there were other people in the room, but again, I didn't care. I was overwhelmed with pleasure and passion.

    And then suddenly...finally....it was over. He was standing about four feet away from me. I was still alive. I remember wanting to ask him if he could do that to me again...and again....before his finally killed me. I could see a little smile forming in the corner of his mouth as if he had again read my thoughts.

    And the dream ended.

    I woke up feeling pretty disturbed about this dream. Why wasn't I trying to escape? Why did I not try to slay him? Isn't that what I am in my dreams....a vampire slayer? Yet I was completely content to let this vampire take advantage of me until he finally got bored and killed me. How nice.

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