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    "WILD" within a Dream

    by , 12-19-2011 at 06:14 PM (522 Views)
    (False) WILD within a Dream:

    I wish I remembered details better on this one. I do remember that I was involved with doing something within the dream. Then suddenly I started seeing the ocean. It didn't go with what was happening in the rest of the dream. My dream self suddenly "realized" that I just had a successful WILD. I felt so proud of myself. I decided I wanted to get closer to the ocean. Instead of flying like I usually do, I just pulled the ocean scene closer to where I was standing. I could see the setting sun gleam off the water and boats in the harbor. I remember just thinking about how beautiful it was and how real it looked.

    I also remember that I was conscious of my "physical body". I was very sure that my physical body was standing in the real world. I could feel my arms hanging at my sides. I thought it was really cool that my mind could be seeing something completely different from my real body. I continued to stare at the ocean scene in front of me. I then carefully lifted what I thought were my real arms. I placed my hands over my eyes. I could see a faint shadow of my hands which darkened the ocean scene. I thought it was fascinating how I could be conscious in two places at once, and how I could be moving my real body yet not really seeing it because my mind was in a dream.

    Then I "woke up" and went back to my original dream.

    This kind of dream has happened to be several times before where I feel like I have entered a dream, yet I still am very aware of what I think is my real body. Yet the whole thing is all in my head.

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