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    by , 08-13-2019 at 07:20 PM (46 Views)
    Date: 2/9/17 (Thu – Normal work day) (4:48 am)
    Dream Title: Cat Race (**Once Second of Lucidity**)
    Dream: I’m not counting this one as a full LD because I was only lucid for about one second. I woke up from a dream, but didn’t look at the clock. I would guess it was close to 4 am. I then said my mantra twice, said “Reality Check” six times and went back to sleep. I had what I believe was a fairly long dream. I remember pieces. I am at my wife’s house where she lived from 8 years old until her early 20’s. We are in the back yard and it is a gorgeous summer day. We are visiting her parents (although I never remember seeing them). At some point I am changing clothes on the back porch. Then my nephew Erik is with us, and the back yard has become a huge amusement park. Erik is sitting on a round cement pedestal and my wife is standing next to it. He is very excited that I am going to the park with him because he knows I will go on all the scary rides with him, and his parents won’t. Later, I remember being in a new car with my wife. It is a standard and she is teaching me how to drive it. I take hold of a handle to my right which should be the emergency break and lift it up. The car rolls forward slowly and bumps into the front of a parked car which was a few feet in front of my car. There is an elderly couple sitting in the car, the man is behind the steering wheel and he looks very upset. I get out of my car, walk around the back and over to his driver side door. The window is rolled down. I can clearly see there is no damage to either of our cars. I explain to him that I am just learning to drive a standard and I am very sorry, and that there is no damage. He smiles. I’m now in what I know is my house, but it isn’t a house I recognize. I am looking though a sliding glass door (just like the one in my own house). However, the view isn’t of my back yard. I am seeing the view from the front of my eye doctor’s building (which is located in a residential neighborhood). I see 2 cats sitting on the lawn across the street. Then I notice my cat is standing at my feet. I bend down and pick him up so he can see the cats. When I stand back up there are now 4 cats. Then to the right of this group of cats, about 20 feet away, are 2 large very fluffy orange and black cats. Suddenly they rise up on their back legs and begin running like Olympic sprinters. At that second I know beyond a doubt that I am dreaming without a RC, and I immediately wakeup. I do a RC to ensure I am awake which I am.

    Date: 2/10/17 (Fri – Day off from work) (5:30 am)
    Dream Title: (LD #66) Kiss a woman in the principal’s office (**Lucid**)
    Dream: Wow! I’m on a roll with Lucid Dreaming! I woke up from a dream, looked at my clock (4:58 am), I have the day off so I smile and close my eyes to go back to sleep. I say my mantra in my head a few times and doze off. I find myself in a car with 2 other guys. I am talking to them about opening their own business (a restaurant). They are paying me because I’m a consultant. I am very confident with myself. We pull into the parking lot of my daughter’s school (although it looked nothing like my daughter’s actual school). We go into the building as I continue to talk to them (I am on auto-pilot and so focused on talking I’m barely paying attention to anything else) about the importance of selecting the right location, with the right population of middle aged couples, and creating the right experience for “date night.” We are walking down a hall with a lot of people (students and teachers) all around, but I am focused on my conversation with these 2 men. I come to a window on the wall with a hole cut into it so I can talk to the older, short, heavy set woman (short curly white hair, thick tan framed glasses, no makeup) who is sitting at a desk on the other side. I know she is the principal’s secretary. I don’t say anything to her. She must have pushed some button because I heard a buzzing noise and immediately went to the door to my left and opened it (she unlocked it with a button). We walk in. I’m still talking to the men. We are in waiting room with many chairs, filled with people, and a light beige couch which is open. We move to the couch. The 2 men sit on the right side of the couch and I sit to their left. A woman walks up to me on my left. I turn and look at her. She is about 5 foot 5 inches tall. She is probably in her mid 50’s with dark shoulder length curly hair. She has a pretty face and a fit body. She is wearing a very nice dark red lipstick which accentuates her lips. She is has on black slacks, a black suit jacket over a silky black shirt with a pink flower design on it. I look into her brown eyes and smile. I find her attractive. She asks me, “May I sit here?” she motions with her right hand to the now open cushion to my left (when I first sat there was no more room, but the couch grew while I wasn’t paying attention). I respond, “Of course.” She sits down and I turn back to the 2 men. She then asks, “Would you mind if I put my feet up?” I turn to her. The couch has grown again, and now there is enough room for her to sit with her back against the arm of couch and place her feet on my lap. I smile at her again and replay, “Of course. Please make yourself comfortable.” She leans back on the arm of couch and gently places her feet on my lap. She has on shiny black flats and black nylons. I feel suddenly very comfortable with this woman, like we are lovers. I bring my hands up, remove her shoes and toss them on the floor. I begin to rub her feet. Suddenly, I see my hands and think of reality checking. I don’t bother counting my fingers I know that I am dreaming. I’m Lucid! Suddenly, there is no one in the room but this woman and me and everything looks more vivid than it did moments before. I shift my body and slide closer to her face. I am now kneeling on her right side (again the couch has grown to make room, it is more like a bed now). I am kneeling next to her looking deeply into her dark brown eyes. I gently place my right hand on the left side of her face. I lean down and kiss her deeply and gently, savoring the feel of her soft lips against mine. Waves of sexual energy are washing over me and it feels absolutely amazing. I pull way for a moment, and gaze into her eyes again. She says, in a seductive whisper, “I didn’t know that this was going to be such a good day” and smiles at me. She move her hands to the back of my neck and pulls me back to her and I kiss her deeply again. This feels so amazing. I caress my tongue over her soft lips and feel her tongue against mine. Suddenly I am startled awake by my wife’s cell phone ringing loudly. My heart is racing. It was my daughter’s school, a recorded message that there is a 2 hour delay because of the snow storm we had yesterday. I do a reality check and I’m awake. I try to go back to sleep, but no luck.

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