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    by , 08-13-2019 at 07:24 PM (28 Views)
    Date: 3/16/17 (Thu – Day off from work) (6:48 am)
    Dream Title: That guy is too tall (*Brief Lucidity*)
    Dream: I find myself sitting at a long rectangular table, like one you would find in a school cafeteria. Reenie is sitting across from me and Ann is sitting to my right (I currently work with both of these women). I’m in a large room that resembles a school cafeteria. I know I’m at work, but this room looks nothing like the cafeteria at my work. The walls are painted white and I can see the lines of the cinderblocks under the paint. There are many tall windows which let in dim light. There is a DVD on the table to my left. I know Reenie brought it to work today to loan it to me. I have no idea what movie it is but she insists I need to watch it. I look to my left and there are many large wooden crates. Reenie says, “Can you believe how many customers are returning their gear?” I realize the area to my left is a loading dock. The creates contain product my company sells. Ann gets up and walks away to my right. I get up and say to Reenie, “I’m going back to my office.” She smiles at me as I walk away. I walk across the room (light blue tiled floor) to a glass door and pull it open. I enter a small glass enclosure between 2 sets of doors which lead from the cafeteria to a long hallway. Ann is standing in the enclosure looking through the glass wall to my right, back into the cafeteria/loading dock. I look at her for a moment because I notice she has changed her hair. It is now short and bleached very blonde (almost white), but it looks terribly dry and frizzy. She is wearing a white long sleeve button down blouse. She says, “Look at that.” I turn my head and see several men, in dark blue jumpsuits, enter the loading dock area from a door on the left wall of the room. One of the men has extremely long legs and stands at least 8 feet tall. This seems strange to me. I assume he is wearing stilts, like the ones ceiling painters wear, under his jumpsuit, but I can see he is wearing black sneakers. I dismiss my confusion, turn to my left and walk through the second set of glass doors. Ann follows me. I am in a long hallway that looks like a hallway from my old high school. Ann is now walking beside me to my left. She begins talking about all the returns we have been receiving recently, but I am not paying attention. I notice everything feels strange. I think to myself, “Where am I?” (just like I do in real life). Then I immediately think about doing a reality check, but Ann is right next to me and I don’t want to look weird by obviously looking at my hand. But things just feel a bit too strange to ignore. I stop walking and raise my right hand up in front of my face. I have trouble focusing on my fingers. They keep fading in and out. I try to count them and get to 7 all of them are fading in and out. I am lucid!...the dream fades and I wake up. DAMN!! (6:48 am)

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