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    by , 08-13-2019 at 07:25 PM (33 Views)
    Date: 3/17/17 (Fri – Day off from work) (6:26 am)
    Dream Title: (LD #68) Getting Sued Makes Me Lucid (**Lucid**)
    Dream: I woke up at 4:45 am from a previous dream. I took a few notes and tried to remember as much as possible, which wasn’t much. Then I rolled over, got comfortable and repeated “I’m Dreaming!” (Basically I did MILD) in my head many times. At some point I dozed off. I’m with my wife in a place that looks like a book store in a mall, but I know I’m at work. We are standing at a counter and I can see book shelves loaded with books, tables with small gift items, and glass display cases with other gift items all around. There is a tall, heavy set, balding man with black hair, wearing a maroon apron over a white short-sleeve collar shirt standing at the register in front of us. Jen begins speaking, “You know that kid who had his neck broken during the wrestling match last week?” I know exactly what she is talking about. This kid was at a wrestling match with my daughter’s high school and is now paralyzed from the neck down due to something that happened during the match. I reply, “Yeah, that’s horrible.” She responds, “His parents now have a class action law suit against everyone involved, including us!” I am shocked! I say, “What!?! How can they sue us? We hand nothing to do with this!!!” She replies, “We go to the same church as they do!” This makes no sense to me! I am angry, annoyed and confused. Suddenly I’m aware that there are many people in this room staring at us because of the conversation. I take my wife’s hand and lead her to the set of glass doors to exit the building. We walk through the doors and are outside the building where I work. It is an amazingly beautiful summer day. It feels like it is in the mid 70’s, low humidity, bright and sunny (but I don’t actually see the sun), and I can smell the scent of fresh cut grass. There is grass in front of the building and we turn left and walk along this strip of grass which is between the building and a low light colored stone wall. I can see the mirrored glass windows of the building to my left as we walk. I say to my wife, “This makes no sense! How can they possibly sue us!?! We have absolutely no liability for this accident even if they go to our church!” Suddenly I step into a swampy area and begin sinking up to my knees in water amongst the grass. I’m even more annoyed and confused. “This is going to ruin my nice dress shoes”, I think to myself. I turn to my right, grab the top of the stone wall, and begin to pull myself out of the water. Suddenly I remember to question reality whenever I have negative emotions, and I am very annoyed at the moment. I think “Am I dreaming?” and I can remember being back in bed saying “I’m dreaming” just a little while ago. I am lucid without a physical RC!! I see the wide expanse of cloudless sky above me and I know exactly what I want to do….FLY! I levitate myself up out of the water and keep going until I am about 100 feet off the ground. I glance around and can see lush green tree covered hills all the way to the horizon, with buildings and houses among the trees. I jet off, superman style, in the direction I’m facing. I feel AMAZING!! I am so incredibly happy to be lucid!! I am overjoyed to be flying again!! I can feel the warm wind against my face and my cloths moving against my body as the wind blows through them. I see a large group of tall pine trees in the distance. I dive down low as I get closer to them and then at the last minute cut upward so I zoom up over the tops of the trees, just missing them. I am exhilarated! I climb up higher and see a tiny yellow biplane in the distance. I push my hands forward to accelerate and head right for it. It seems to be flying in large circular pattern. I close the gap in a matter of seconds and can see the plane and pilot in detail. The pilot is dress just as I would assume he would be, “leather helmet, goggles, a white scarf (blowing out behind him), and a leather jacket. He waves to me as I fly by and I wave back, smiling from ear to ear. I zoom forward again and begin to dip low to the ground (about 50 feet off the ground). I am flying over a clear field of lush green grass. I see a large colonial style house ahead among some tall pine trees. I decide to explore that house. I fly up and gracefully land and jog up to the side of the left house. I start walking around to the front and pass a window where I see an older woman (70’s) sitting at the kitchen table. She is very thin and has a care worn face. Her short hair is jet black and she is wearing a long sleeve black sweater. I turn the corner onto a driveway heading for the front door, when the dream fades and I wake up. (6:26 am)

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