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    by , 08-13-2019 at 07:26 PM (39 Views)
    Date: 3/18/17 (Sat 6:48 am)
    Dream Title: (LD #69) My wife booked a hooker party??? (**Lucid**)
    Dream: Im standing outside on a street in front of a house that I know it mine in the dream, but it is not in reality. It is up on a small hill. It is painted white and has two stories. It looks run down but I cant make out the details because it is night, but the moon must be out because it is relatively brightly lit for night time. There are several Asian children with me playing. The yard of the house is a mess and looks like it hasnt been tended too for quite a while. I am not cold and there are leaves on the trees so it must be summer. I go up the front stairs, which are made of old stone work. I enter the house through the front door. I come into a narrow room with a TV to my left, which is on because it is the only light source in this dimly lit room, but it is facing away from me. My wife and her youngest sister are there and both wearing long silk robes with flower designs on them (Japanese style robes). There is a man with them. He is short (maybe 55), darker skin (Italian), his hair is slicked back and he has 3 days of dark beard stubble, he has on a bright red satin zip up Jacket (I just watched an episode of That 70s show where Hyde wore a similar jacket) and black jeans. I know he is a pimp and I suddenly remember that this is a sex party my wife had planned. I am feeling very apprehensive about having sex with prostitutes. I sit down on the floor with my back against the wall and notice I too am wearing a silk robe, which is way too tight in the chest and arms. The man, my wife and her sister pay no attention to me. Two women walk in through the front door. Both are Asian, both are wearing pink silk robes with red flower patterns, both have their long dark hair up in a bun with a single chopstick holding them in place, both have on a single gold chain around their necks, and both are wearing dark eye liner and dark red lipstick to accentuate their facial features. The first woman is taller than the second (maybe 54) and she walks over to the pimp, my wife, and her sister. The second woman is tiny (maybe 411) and she comes towards me. She knees down right in front of me and smiles. I feel very uncomfortable with this situation. I know that if I do anything sexual with this woman, even if my wife agreed to it initially, it will end my marriage in the long run. I pay no attention to what is happening with my wife. The prostitute with me leans forward, reaches out and takes hold of the opening of my robe (one side in each hand) and begins to pull it open. Her robe falls open and I can clearly see her small but perfectly formed breasts. I am most certainly aroused, but I put my hands on the floor and push myself to my feet. The robe Im wearing is uncomfortably small and tight on me. I say "I'm sorry, but I just cant. to the woman kneeling on the floor who then frowns at me. She looks like shes feeling rejected. I quickly turn away from her towards where my wife was, but she is gone. I move to the set of stairs which leads to the second floor and go up them quickly. The stairs lead to a hall with several doors. The Asian kids, who were outside, are all standing in the hall and laughing quietly. One of them, a boy wearing a blue Yankees cap, a white tee shirt, and blue jeans, turns to me and laughs (I assume because of my too tight robe). I push past the kids to a door at the end of the hall where the pimp is standing. I walk up to him and say, Is my wife in there? He says, Of Course! I can hear the sounds of women moaning in sexual ecstasy and I know the other prostitute is servicing both my wife and her sister. I am very angry and confused as to why my wife would arrange this situation. Suddenly, I remember to question my reality when Im feeling negative emotions. I clearly remember lying in bed repeating Im dreaming! Im dreaming!...., just a short time ago. Im Lucid! I am very excited! I turn to a door to my right, grab the door knob and think This door leads outside! I open it and walk out onto the street in front of the house. There are many trees and it is dark, and only lit by the bright half-moon above. I look up and can see it clearly through the (now bare, like it is late fall) tree branches. I can also see enormous amounts of stars (like Im looking at picture taken with the Hubble telescope). I stare in amazement for a few seconds just breathing in the cool fall air. I decide to fly. I levitate off the ground but the stupid robe Im wearing gets caught up in the tree branches. I drift back to the ground but Im still entangled. I try to remove the robe but it is too tight to pull it off my arms. Im trapped. I tell myself to stay calm and remember that I can close my eyes and spin to change my location. I close my eyes and prepare myself mentally for a potential false awakening. I start spinning and can feel the robe tearing apart and falling off my body and the branches disappearing. I open my eyes and I am standing in the middle of a different street. There are no trees around me, just open field to my right and left. In front of me the street goes about a 100 yards before going through a small tunnel which runs through a small hill with train tracks on the top of the hill. It is still night, and is fairly well lit with a red glow. I look up and I am in awe! I see 4 red half-moons in the sky of various sizes. One of them is enormous and I can clearly see so many craters. The millions of stars are also red and I can see bands of them that make up the outer edge of the galaxy. It is breath takingly beautiful! I will myself to levitate upward and decide to try to fly to the largest moon. The dream fades and I wake up. (6:48 am)

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