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    by , 08-13-2019 at 07:27 PM (34 Views)
    Date: 3/19/17 (Sun 5:25 am)
    Dream Title: (LD #70) Shirtless at church! (**Lucid**)
    Dream: I startled awake at 2:34 am because my wife was scratching at the bed in her sleep, I assume she was dreaming. I had been dreaming but struggled to remember any of it. But after a while I remembered a bit: Im lying on the grass on my right side outside at some event. It is a bright warm sunny day. A man has just finished performing (cant remember what he was doing) and I applaud without getting up. I see a woman to my left and many people sitting on blankets nearby who were watching the show. She has a baby with her and says He wont play with his ball. I glance at the man who was performing and he replies, Have you tried a balloon? I glance back to the woman with the baby and she says, Thats a great idea. But I notice that her baby is now under a pile of plastic grocery bags. I cant see the baby but I can see the pile moving as the baby moves beneath it. I find this strange and am very upset at this woman. Babies can be smothered by plastic grocery bags! I startle awake. Jot a few notes and try to go back to sleep while repeating Im dreaming. And focusing on my breathing. But, I make a mistake. Typically I do this for a little while and then let nature take its course and just let my mind drift and fall asleep. But I kept focusing on repeating the mantra and became more and more awake. I glanced at my phone at one point at 3:20 am. Im getting frustrated. I get up, use the bathroom, get a drink of water, then go back to bed. I continue to try to sleep but keep saying the mantra because I so desperately want to have another LD. I dont know how long I laid there but it must have been at least another hour when I finally got control of my OCD mind. I laid on my back and let my mind wonder. At some point I dozed off. I am in church, except it looks nothing like my church. It looks more like an old fashion movie theater. There are rows of stadium seating, all of which have red velvet cushions and backs. The floor is also covered with dark maroon carpet. I am with my wife and there are many people sitting in seats and walking around the area in front of the stage (where a movie screen would be). Everyone is dressed in summer attire (shorts, t-shirts, flip-flops, etc.). There is a man on the stage (not my pastor) who has a large strange device which looks like the combination of a pipe organ and an accordion (I wont even try to describe this crazy looking thing, but it was supposed to play music). The man cant get the device to work so he tells us the service is over. People start milling around and talking. My wife hands me a strange piece of plastic and says, Hold this for me. I need to run to the bathroom. She moves away. I know in my mind the plastic thing is a name tag, but there is no writing on it and it is just a T shaped piece of white plastic. Im feeling a bit confused. A woman walks up to me, who I know in my dream but not in reality. I also know that she has a crush on me, but I dont find her attractive. She is wearing inappropriately short white shorts and a thin material white tank top through which I can clearly see her hard nipples. She is also barefoot and I can see her toe nails (and finger nails) are painted bright red. She is also anorexic skinny. She has short blonde hair and her face is so thin her cheek bones protrude, and she is wearing no makeup. I am shocked and discussed that she is dressed so inappropriately for church. She comes up to me and stands uncomfortably close to me. She asks, Are you going to the picnic after church? I now remember there is a picnic event after church at a local park with a lake. She leans in ever closer and brings her mouth very close to my right ear and says in a seductive whisper, I would love to go swimming with you. As she says this she gently caresses my bare chest with the tips of her fingers. Suddenly I realize Im shirtless at church and I feel extremely embarrassed and confused. Why the hell am I shirtless!?! I step back from her and say, Im sorry but I have to go! I turn and begin to rush to the exit door. I navigate through the crowd of people, none of which are paying any attention to me. I reach a short set of steps which lead to the exit when suddenly I realize the ridiculousness of my situation. I stop and ask myself in my mind, Am I dreaming? I think back and can remember being back in bed struggling to fall asleep. Im Lucid! I run up the steps of the door and though the door. I am greeted with a bright gorgeous summer day. I am standing on a cobblestone street which runs to my right and left. I glance in both directions. There are many old fashion, decretive two story buildings of many different bright colors running down both sides in each direction. It reminds me of Main Street USA in Disney world. I levitate off the ground up to the roof of the building next to me and look to my left. I see a clock tower at the end of the street (about 400 yards away). I use my left hand to push off the side of the building and jet toward the clock tower superman style. I close the distance in a few seconds and zoom by the roof of the tower and jet upward. The sky is a perfect blue with no clouds. I can feel the wind in my face and it is warm and wonderful. (I dont see the sun) I feel amazingly exhilarated!! Before me and below me I see a huge ocean bay. The water is exquisitely blue and tranquil, beyond anything Ive ever seen in reality. I see many tiny white houses lining the shore along a white sand beach. Behind the houses the tree covered hills rise up and run out to the horizon. I am amazed that my mind is creating so much detail. I notice that I am feeling aroused and decide to fly down to the beach and find a gorgeous bikini clad women for some sexual activity, but as I jet down toward the beach the dream fades and I wake up (5:25 am)

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