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    by , 08-13-2019 at 07:13 PM (61 Views)
    Date: 1/2/2017 (Mon Ė Day off from work) (8:02 am)
    Dream Title: (LD #62) Too Many Layers (**Lucid**)
    Dream: Iím in a house that has aspects of both my childhood house (Lesley Ave), and the house I lived in when I was in from 5th to 9th grade (Spruce Rd). Iím in the den. I know this is where Iím sleeping because I am just visiting for a family event. I know my brother is visiting too. This house is extremely cold and I have many layers of clothing on, including: a winter hat, snow boots, snow pants, a heavy coat with a blue bathrobe over it, and a long yellow scarf wrapped around my neck and lower face several times (I feel like Randy from the movie ďA Christmas StoryĒ). I decide to check on my daughter. I walk from the den into the kitchen. I noticed every wall is covered in framed pictures (I donít bother to look at any of them) and every open space on the counters and table are covered in knick-knacks, it reminds me of an antique shop. I find this strange. I continue to walk down the hall (the walls of which are covered in framed pictures from floor to ceiling) to get to the bedroom where my daughter is sleeping. The door is open and I look inside. She is in bed under many covers and wearing a red winter hat. I also see that my brother is in the bed with her (also wearing a winter had, but it is blue). I realize there were not enough bedrooms for everyone, but I am extremely annoyed with this situation. My wife should be sharing the bed with her not my brother. I walk back down the hall to the kitchen with the intent of finding my wife so she can switch places with my brother. Suddenly I realize something is strange about this entire situation, so I glace at my hand intending to count my fingers. I see my palm clearly but my fingers and thumb are just tiny stubs. I am lucid. I forget about most of my plans. All the layers of cloths Iím wearing suddenly feel stifling which makes me feel claustrophobic. I pull off the hat and toss it aside, then the scarf, and I start trying to remove the coat and robe. I remember part of what I planned on doing when I became lucid. I say out loud in a firm voice, ďComputer! Increase Clarity!Ē (Iím going to treat my dreams like the holodeck from Star Track the Next Generation.) Iím still struggling to remove the coat and robe, which are tangled. Iím very annoyed and getting angry. The dream fades and I wake up. This is the first lucid dream Iíve had in over 14 months, so Iím not too disappointed. It has been 17 days since I started working for lucidity again. This is just the beginning. I will get back into it and get more practice.

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