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    by , 08-13-2019 at 07:15 PM (42 Views)
    Date: 1/20/2017 (Fri Ė Day off from work) (4:19 am)
    Dream Title: (LD #63) Christmas at a white house (**Lucid**)
    Dream: Iím at a Christmas party at a big old Victorian style house. There are many people in the house who I know in my dream but not in real life. Iím on the first floor of the house, in the living room. There is old furniture in the room and it is dimly lit. Suddenly a young boy (4-5 years old) runs by me. He is carrying a branch of a pine tree which has Christmas lights wrapped around it, and about 6 feet of the string of lights is hanging off the branch and dragging behind him. I follow him because I am worried he may hurt himself. He runs to the stairs which lead up the second floor, and goes up. I follow him to make sure he doesnít tip on the string of lights and fall down the stairs. At the top of the stairs is a large room with many people (mostly older women) sitting at tables wrapping presents or working on some other Christmas crafts. I realize the boy is safe with them and go back down the stairs to the first floor. At the bottom of the stairs the front door is right in front of me. I decide to go outside. I open the door and walk out onto a porch that is the length of the front of the house. I walk to the short set of steps to the front lawn and walk down. It isnít cold out. It feels more like spring than winter. I start to walk along the front of the house but Iím forced to stop because I begin to sink ankle deep into the grass, which is leaving large holes in the lawn. I realize that someone had filled in a ditch in front of the house with mulch and then put a layer of sod on top of it. I am extremely annoyed by the fact that someone did a really poor job on the landscaping. I see an old man who is dragging a big, obviously very heavy, box toward a pile of boxes near an area of scrub trees (this is a man I see at work in real life, but I donít know him). I decide to help him and begin walking toward him. Suddenly I realize something isnít right. I suspect Iím dreaming. I look at my left hand and count 9 fingers. Iím lucid. I feel so happy. I completely forget to stabilize my dream. I immediately decided to fly. I float up into the air about 200 feet and look around. I can see many hills covered in trees with expose rocky ledges of grey, white, and red granite. Among the trees I can see power lines, a cellular tower, and buildings. I jet off, superman style, toward some of the buildings. I feel amazing. I can feel that wind blowing against my face and hair. It is exhilarating. In the distance I see a large traditional Japanese style building and decide to check it out. Suddenly I can ďfeelĒ that my eyes are close (my real body) but I can still see. This draws my attention back to my real body and I wake up.

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