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    by , 08-13-2019 at 07:42 PM (44 Views)
    2/19/2018: Started new technique I call the “See the Sky” technique. It is very simple; when I see the sky I ask myself if I’m dreaming and do some kind of RC (count my fingers, look for something to read, etc) In many past LDs the sky has always been amazing.

    Date: 2/26/18 (Monday 3:36 AM – work day): Before I went to bed I set my resolve to look for the sky and become lucid in my dreams. I don’t remember a lot about this dream. I was with my wife and her family at some cult/church event. I desperately wanted to get out of this place. It was taking place at a park near a lake. I’m waking among many pine trees and rocky outcrops. I reach the top of one of those outcrops and can see the sky. My mind “clicked” and I remembered to reality check when I see the sky; except I had no need to do any form or reality check I knew I was dreaming immediately. The sky was more beautiful than any sky in real life. The blue was darker, the clouds were white and silver and absolutely perfect. I just looked at the sky in awe for a few seconds and woke up. I’m very happy that I had some quick results from this simple technique. Hopefully I will get better with it over time. I’m still not remembering to do my “See the Sky” technique every time I go outside. I need to make this a habit.

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