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    by , 08-13-2019 at 07:16 PM (35 Views)
    Date: 1/31/2017 (Tue Ė Normal Work Day) (4:28 am)
    Dream Title: (LD #64) Kissed a girl in the club house (**Lucid**)
    Dream: (Note: I am no longer keeping a dream journal for non-lucid dreams due to my insomnia issues.) I woke up from a dream at 3:26 am. I donít remember the dream and did not record it. As I was going back to sleep I thought to myself, and really believed it, I will do a reality check in my next dream. That was all I did and went back to sleep. I am playing golf with some guys from work (I only vaguely remember this part of the dream Ė Also, I do NOT play golf in real life.) I find myself walking back to the clubhouse. I am pulling my black with white trim golf bag behind me, which is on wheels and has a handle at the top which Iím holding with my right hand. I am holding my score card and tiny pencil in my left hand. I am following a path through some brush and I can see the clubhouse ahead. It is up on a small but steep hill and is surrounded by many very large oak trees. It has a set of steps, made from railroad ties, leading up to a door. The building is a small one story building with brown clapboards and white trimmed windows. The roof is also brown. I leave my golf bag at the bottom of the steps and then climb them to the door. It is a light wooden screen door, also painted brown. I squeaks loudly when I open it, and slams shut after I walk through and let go. Iím in a room with several small tables and chairs (where people can eat). Across this small room is a counter with an old time (not electric) cash register. The only person in the room is a young woman (18 -21 years old) who is behind the counter. I know I have to pay her for my round of golf. I walk up to the counter. The young woman is very attractive. She has short brown hair and dark brown eyes. She has pale, but perfect unblemished skin. Her face is slim as well as her nose. She has a slim yet athletic build and is probably about 5 foot 5 inches tall. She is wearing a tight royal blue t-shirt and tight blue jeans which show off her figure. She smiles at me and holds eye contact. I can tell from her body language and facial expression that she finds me very attractive as well. I speak with her like I know her, but I canít remember exactly what I said. She asks me for payment. I put my score card and pencil on the counter and pull my wallet from my back pocket (I donít carry a wallet in real life). I look inside my wallet and there is no money. I am embarrassed. I tell her I will be right back. She smiles back at me. I leave the room through the screen door and start down the steps. I am heading for my car where I have some money. Suddenly, something makes me turn around. I know the girl wants me to kiss her and I just walked away, like an idiot. I go back up the stairs, open the screen door and go back into the room. I walk up to the counter but the scene has changed. Now there is a grill behind the counter and the counter has many small stools which are bolted to the floor (like a diner). The girl has her back to me, is wearing an apron over her t-shirt and jeans, and is standing at a grill cooking something (But I donít notice smelling anything). I take out my wallet again and open it. Inside is a small lemon filled pastry (my favorite), in real life I donít eat sugary junk food (this is a habit which obviously carries over into my dream world). I walk over to a trash bin and remove the pastry and throw it away, but when I look back in my wallet there are more of them. I remove more, but every time I throw one away there are more in the wallet. Suddenly, I realize this is impossible. I look at my right hand intending to count my fingers for a reality check, and I only have 3 fingers (thumb, index finger and pinky). I am lucid! (I forget to stabilize the dream) I toss the wallet in the trash bin and head back to the counter. There are now 2 men waiting to be served at the counter (both in their 40ís or 50ís. One with dark hair the other with graying blonde hair. Both are shorter than me.) I push past them and lift the section of the counter which is on hinges and allows entry to the cooking area. The young woman has her back to me and is still cooking with a metal spatula in her right hand. I come up behind her, gently place my right hand on her right shoulder and turn her to face me. I look at her face and she is strikingly beautiful. I look deeply into her dark brown eyes and she smiles at me seductively. I lean in and kiss her deeply. My entire body is swept with sexual energy which feels absolutely amazing. The dream fades quickly and I wake up.

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