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    by , 08-13-2019 at 07:37 PM (45 Views)
    Date: 9/7/17 (Thursday 4:07 AM – Work day)
    Dream Title: (LD #74) “Lucid Dreaming with little blonde girl”
    Dream: This is day 61 of my “lucid mindset/awareness” experiment. I find myself at some kind of work event. There are a lot of people around and we are in an area that is part dining hall and part park. There are table and chairs and a linoleum floor, yet we are outside. I can see the skyline and trees. Everyone is walking around with plates and cups and many people are sitting and eating. It is a warm summer day as the trees are covered in green leaves. For some reason I decide to leave. A guy with whom I work (Chris), a woman I don’t know and a small blonde girl (about 3 years old) who look a lot like my daughter looked when she was 3, all head to Chris’ car. We walk a short distance to get to the car. Chris gets in the driver’s door, the woman into the front passenger door, I get in the right rear door. When I get in I see the little girl is already in the left side of the back seat. The inside of the car is red, with red vinyl seats, red carpet on the floor and the inside of the roof is also red. The little girl is wearing a white short-sleeve shirt, red shorts, and white shoes. She has short blonde hair (just above shoulder length). Chris begins to drive and I get comfortable by sliding my back down the vinyl back of the seat to an almost laying position. The entire backseat expands so it is almost the size of a bed (I don’t notice anything wrong with this). I glance to my left over the girls head and out the window (the windows have also expanded to at least twice their original size). I have a great view of the sky, which is an amazingly vivid blue. Then I see 2 clouds, but while they are puffy cloud shaped I can see space through them (like looking through a cloud shaped window). But the space I see is like looking a picture taken by the Hubble telescope. I can see millions of stars. In that second, with no reality check, I know for a fact I am dreaming. I turn away from that window and I am no longer in a car. I am now inside of what appears to be a gondola. It is just a large box with windows & seats on all sides (the interior is still red). I look out the window to my right and can a see grassy hill, trees, houses & a street. The pure blue gorgeous sky is above. I am so happy to be lucid again; I am filled with joy. I turn back to the little girl and say, “Guess what?” She replies, “What?” I say, with a huge smile, “We’re lucid dreaming!! Watch this!” I turn back to my right and the side of the gondola is wide open. I see a white Volkswagen Beetle nearby. I put my hand out like a jedi knight and will the car up into the air. It rises gently up to about 50 feed off the ground. I can see the pipes of the undercarriage of the car. I bring it closer to us and then lower it down gently to the ground. I turn back to the girl and she laughs. I pick her up and get out of the gondola. I carry her to a grassy area. There are people wandering around, I think this must be a park. I say to the girl, “You try.” She smiles and floats out of my hands, and about 20 feet into the air, like there is no gravity for her. Her mom shows up, but she is a different woman than before. This woman is overweight and wearing a blue sweat suit. She has brown hair, which is a mess, and looks like she just woke up. The girl floats down and into her awaiting arms. I say to the mother, “I’m teaching her to lucid dream!” The woman smiles at me and walks away. I turn around and see and strange room. It looks like a living room with only 3 walls and no ceiling (just expose to the sky). There is large fireplace (with no fire) on the back wall; there is brown leather furniture (couch and chairs) on the left and right walls. Standing in the middle of the room is an attractive woman. She is small and trim and has brown hair; in her 50’s; wearing a low cut, form fitting, deep purple dress which show off her nice figure (after I wake up I realize she is the actress Katherine Helmond from the show “Who’s the Boss”). I decide to have sex with her. I walk over to her confidently, slip my left arm around her waist, and pull her close to me. The dream fades and I wake up. (On my lucidity scale of 1 – 10; I would give this one about a 3. I knew I was dreaming and did act like I was dreaming. Yet I still interacted with the people and environment as if they were real.)

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