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    Christmas and computer game friends

    by , 06-05-2013 at 07:12 AM (437 Views)
    I dreamt that I was in some kind of huge computer game. In times it was like an adventure game, where I went from area to area, unlocking more areas as I went. It was pretty late game I guess, since I saw a map where I could see all the areas that I had unlocked, and there were lots of them.

    In the dream it became Christmas, and I went to an area that I had visited before in order to cook myself a Christmas meal. I did so, and met up with some friends along the way. Afterwards I met an old IRL friend, and he asked what I did for Christmas. I said I had cooked an amazing Christmas meal, but lied in order to make it look better then it really was.

    During another part of the dream it was like a game called Planetside 2. The only difference from the real game is that there was a new kind of super-exoskeleton, very strong but very effective. I managed to save enough resources for one, and then a woman gave me an introduction to it. "Hi, welcome to something-industries exoskelteon, allow me to show you its functions", that kind of introduction.

    Even later, might even have been another dream, me and some friends where going to a friends house from the University that we were studying. We had the address and were going to meet up with our friend there. We arrived an knocked on the door. We head footsteps, and one of us said that the friend must have arrived ahead of us, but I said that they didn't sound like his footsteps, these were slower.

    I was right, an old man opened the door, and gave us a "who the hell are you" kind of look. We asked if he knew our friend, and said that he did indeed, it was his son. So we explained that we were going to visit him and were let in. He said, sternly, that we had to leave before ten. The house was one big room on the top floor, with stair leading down to some kind of basement. When I took of my shoes I must have hit something, because my friends yelled at me to be careful. When I looked up a teddybear fell from its place on a shelf on the other side of the room, and it seemed like that was my fault. Good first impression I thought. We sat down on a large coach and waited in silence for our friend.

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    1. RyanCol's Avatar
      I love Planetside 2.
    2. Unbound's Avatar
      Yeah, it is a great game! I may suck at it, but I still play it because it is so fun!