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    Famous ghost

    by , 08-19-2013 at 08:53 PM (262 Views)
    I dreamt that I was in an old building. I was there on some occasion, a party or something similar.

    I was in a room talking to two others when a ghost appeared from the wall. It was a woman, dressed in very fancy Baroque style clothing. She was completely white and slightly transparent.

    I recognised her, she was a very famous ghost of a British lady. Her name was Mary, I can't recall her surname though. Coming to think of it, the entire house and setting was very British, so I guess that is where the dream scene took place.

    I think me and the others talked about her when she passed us.

    She didn't pay attention to us, she just walked past us and disappeared into the wall behind us. she didn't even turn her head, maybe she couldn't see us.

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