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    Dream-quest by UnknownKadath

    Victor's dream journal.

    1. Creepy doll that I don't own, among other things

      by , 02-10-2024 at 02:05 PM (Dream-quest by UnknownKadath)
      I dreamed that I was in my room, sitting on my bed. It wasn't quite my room, but the bed was pretty spot on including the headboard. In the dream I had a stuffed animal that resembled a tailless Aipom. I hated it, because every time I looked at it, the eyes were looking in a different direction, or it was even leaning to a different side. I decided that it was going to go in a bag and into the car and straight to Goodwill tomorrow. No leaving bags of stuff in the trunk for days before donating them, it was GOING.

      But then I was at least a little aware of dreaming, because I thought to myself that I couldn't really get rid of it, because I didn't really own it, not in real life. I thought about the items on my own headboard, just few decorations and definitely not that thing. So I laid down and tried to sleep. I actually felt the doll climb down from the headboard and gently pull my hair, several inches of it. And that's what did it for me.

      I have a buzz cut. You can't pull my hair. Once I acknowledged that that wasn't real, the dream shifted.

      I was on the deck, tending to plants. A loud car drove by, one of the ones modified to make more noise and whose owner probably did donuts in parking lots to show off. He slowed and stopped, seeming to look right at me. Then he stuck his hand out the window, holding a gun, and fired three times at me. He missed all three times and I ran. He seemed like he hadn't really cared about hitting me and just messing around.

      The dream changed again. A recurring thing in my dreams is going out to the backyard to tend to my dogs, who died almost a decade ago. I realized again that I was dreaming and wondered if I stopped tending to the dream dogs if they'd go away and I'd stop dreaming about them. Like just no longer watering a plant you don't want anymore.
      Tags: car, creepy, dogs, dolls, guns
    2. The Inept Mechanics

      by , 05-02-2023 at 07:15 PM (Dream-quest by UnknownKadath)
      Something was wrong with the car. Note that the car in real life is well over 100,000 miles and making a noise and just getting a new one has been the topic of much discussion, and I really want to get a new one.

      But anyway. Something was wrong with the car, but for some reason the only mechanics we could find were really underqualified and I didnít think they were trained. It was a pair, one man and one woman. Or rather, they almost looked more like teenagers. And probably twins.They really didnít seem to have the slightest idea what was wrong, or even understand what they were looking at once the hood was up.

      Under the hood was something like a mechanical arm that was supposed to move between two points that had something to do with starting the car. Like it controlled the spark plugs or something, I donít know cars myself but I know there are no mechanical arms involved.

      Well we decided to just take it somewhere else when the pair wasnít helpful, but then found that the car wouldnít start at all, which was a step backwards from just making a noise. I asked the girl if the arm was broken and she looked at me very confused as if my question didnít make sense, and asked what did I mean? Her tone was condescending, as if I had no business asking or else the question was dumb. I asked again about the arm. She shrugged and answered, Oh, I cut that off. The last thing I remember before waking up was thinking that a decent mechanic could have fixed the arm and now the car was even worse off with it cut off.
      Tags: car, non-lucid
    3. Obstacle course dream fragment

      by , 01-03-2023 at 05:30 PM (Dream-quest by UnknownKadath)
      This dream was in the middle of the night and I should have gotten up and written everything I remembered in my journal. But I would have had to turn on the light to see what I was writing and I just went back to sleep. I should do better.

      But I remember this: I was competing in some kind of obstacle course and there was a puzzle aspect like identifying objects along the way that had a theme to them. My course had a semi-deep rectangular hole to run through, a seat to jump over, and a tool to grab and carry with me. I figured out that three were the theme in that they rhymed. Trench, Bench, Wrench. I felt so smug in that no one else would figure it out, mostly because 'trench' was a little-used word and no one else would think to call the hole a trench, they'd just say hole or something similar.
    4. The fireworks show

      by , 12-23-2022 at 04:02 PM (Dream-quest by UnknownKadath)
      I was at a party/festival/similar event where we had fireworks that were somehow indoors. The room was huge, like a stadium, so there was enough space. The problem was, people were crowded around and dropped their belongings as they moved and danced so much so that afterwards, the lost and found piles took the whole room. I only wanted my sandals and was looking for them in a large pile of sandals. I couldn't find mine, but I found expensive Nike's that were definitely not mine. It occurred to me then, that no one's stuff had a name on it and Nike's were plain as Nike stuff went, just the logo. I could claim them and leave the area and then no one would be able to tell that I definitely hadn't bought them weeks ago. In other words, I could away with just stealing an upgrade to my sandals.

      They didn't fit. Dammit.

      So I went elsewhere, I forget if it was to actually find something of mine or possibly just to see what was up for the claiming that I might sneak away with. I found a nice looking pair of sunglasses but got nervous about just taking them because a woman was beside me also looking at them. I didn't want to be caught taking them if they were hers, that would be very obvious. So I held them out and asked if they were hers, since I noticed she was looking at them too. She took them and said, yes they are. But I recall wondering if she was telling the truth or just trying to find something cool to take like I myself was. I didn't argue in case she was honest and started a fight over the sunglasses. I think I got away with a necklace at some point, though.
    5. Some very serious OSHA violations

      by , 12-18-2022 at 10:53 AM (Dream-quest by UnknownKadath)
      So I work retail and the dream takes place in a much bigger store, like a large department store. There was a task to be done that was for some reason deep underwater beneath the store, and the store's budget was kind of bad. Instead of hiring a professional, they had an old-timey diving suit riveted together with the huge helmet with the glass panel in the front. There was a very real risk of the suit failing, or just not being able to get back up and air slowly running out while you were trapped. I and another employee were asked if we wanted to risk it. I didn't want to make the other person do it by refusing myself; I think it was an actual coworker of mine who I liked. But I didn't want to die and I have a family besides. I said no and hoped so would my coworker.

      Not this store gets even worse. There were rumors of experiments going on in the back. Very unethical, human-hybrid stuff. I'm a curious person so I think it was my habit to run quickly to the back of the store to catch a glimpse of creatures and then sprint back to the front before anything could catch me. I did this in the dream. Note: I remember cursing the fact that I think I used to run faster in my 20's, I'm in my 30's. Also the fastest way to get around was some combination of Dishonored's Blink ability and the 'draggy' way Google Maps moves your person down the street.

      I don't even think I was sure I was being chased but I hurried past a group of people hanging out in one department in hopes of causing enough of a scramble that the creature would lose my trail. Closer to the front of the store where the creatures just never wandered, I found a huge creature like a dinosaur that was safe and well known around the store itself. I scrambled up it's huge leg because in hopes the creatures didn't climb if they were still nearby. It was sentient and said something about shaking me off, but it didn't. I woke up.
    6. Earbud experiment

      by , 11-10-2022 at 02:28 PM (Dream-quest by UnknownKadath)
      I own a pair of wireless earbuds; they're black. In the dream snippet I was in my room with two of the black pairs plus a pair in white. My earbuds have L and R on them despite being the same shape and looking neutral. But in the dream I was thinking that if I couldn't match the correct case they'd either not charge or even break. Not an issue for the white pair in a white case, but the black ones? And it didn't help that I had one extra black earbud marked not L or R, but 73A. So five black earbuds. Well as long as I was confused I decided to try and charge both L's and listen with them and do the same with both R's, just to see if they'd sync to each other. I guess I was willing to risk breaking them all? And then figure out what the 73A one did. There was someone I didn't know with me who was going to help me with this, but I woke up.
    7. Dream sign identified: phone doesn't work

      by , 09-12-2022 at 02:36 PM (Dream-quest by UnknownKadath)
      I was at work, but work shifted between being my actual retail job and somehow being in a house I don't recognize. For some reason we had an order for someone, I think they were having a huge party. They ordered pallets of 12 pack sodas, among other items. I had to -- I forget -- unload them, check them in, something. On top of trying to so something already, I think move large displays. I remember a lot of Maybelline stuff.

      It was then that I heard someone called out, and I was asked to stay an extra half hour. Sure. Just let me call home and let my family know I'll be running late. But my phone didn't work. Could pull up contacts even though I kept trying. The screen was nonsensical. Couldn't pull up the keyboard either. I took a break to go outside and sit in a car I didn't recognize so I could concentrate better. It didn't help. My boss(I didn't recognize this woman but knew she was my boss) went out the car that was apparently mine to ask if everything was okay.

      I was very upset after trying so long to use my phone and somehow I just couldn't. I asked for her phone, and she dialed the number I gave her and handed it to me. The person on the other end was a stranger. I looked at the phone; she had dialed a totally different number that I could even quite read. I spent the rest of the dream becoming increasingly distraught as I tried to dial the right number. It never worked. At one point I told the manager to just go back to what she was doing because she was waiting on someone for a meeting but she didn't want to just leave me alone in the parking lot, something about safety like I could get mugged or something.

      Also the manager's phone was a landline, not a smart phone. I wondered why and how a landline she owned worked so far from it's cradle which was surely at her house. Also, being a landline, it had actual buttons. And every time I hit a button it registered at the button next to it, so I couldn't possibly dial correctly. My mind explained this by deciding that the wires under the buttons were breaking down with age so they were shorting together.
    8. Weird dream that I hope continues

      by , 07-19-2022 at 02:39 PM (Dream-quest by UnknownKadath)
      I should have written this down when I first woke up because I've lost some of it even though I was thinking about it. I was myself in the dream, so far as I know. But what I'll call the main character was a man I'll call C, because he's a real person and I don't want to use anyone's names. And in the dream I think C had powers, but wasn't good at controlling them and so he was actually somewhat dangerous. And this had drawn a government facility's attention. They wanted C, either to study and try and use as a weapon.
      I remember that I was with a group that included C, and one person in that group was a part of a facility but on our side, as we as a group were against giving up C to the facility. At some point we lost C to them and we were in the facility with the guy who was on our side, I'll call him Bob even though he never had a name. Bob was trying to play it cool, they're with me, etc., but he had coworkers around and was very nervous. He walked us over to an unused part of that floor where we could be left alone. I needed to pee and asked where the bathroom was. Bob got a little frustrated and said in the next room(he pointed to a door) were some containers and to just pee in one of them.
      I went into the room to find an empty lab. And while there were many beakers and containers I instantly knew which one Bob meant, and went ahead and peed. Then I tried to find somewhere to empty it, rather than just leave that on a table. But there wasn't a sink so I deliberately dumped in into a beaker that already had liquid in it, to ruin someone's experiment. I didn't like these people, I wanted C back unharmed.
      And then Bob had arranged for us to reunite with C, but only because we were ostensibly going along with their plans and would figure out what to do when the pilot landed again. I asked the pilot how long the flight would be. She said fifty-five minutes. Not roughly an hour, fifty-five minutes.
      I was in the middle row of the plane's seating, and we were cramped three to a row. I was on the far right and the plane had no doors. I could also find no seatbelt. Meaning that when we were in the air I would have to constantly press toward the person in the middle seat to avoid falling from the plane. I didn't like that. Also at this point C was somewhere in the back row. Between losing him earlier and reuniting now, he'd undergone some type of training that was supposed to heighten the powers but also made him more dangerous. The people from the facility were careful around, sort of a Winter Solider vibe. The powers were either harder to control now or he was just literally more aggressive for some reason. I was happy that when the plane started to taxi a door appeared, and so did a seatbelt.
      The only other thing I remembered was the plane landing for some reason on an abandoned country seat and taking off again. And someone commented that they were surprised that C was in the back and not beside the pilot. Another person replied something about being careful with him.

      This dream was very interesting and I'd like to see it continued.
      non-lucid , memorable
    9. Weird school assignment and guy at work.

      by , 05-08-2022 at 02:31 PM (Dream-quest by UnknownKadath)
      I dreamed I was in school, as in college. But it was a weird school and I forgot quite what class I was taking. And I had an assignment to go pick a certain type of plant that grew wild in the area(the 'school' itself was a cabin somewhere I think I had classmates but I don't remember them well).
      So I went out to pick the plants, but the as I drove up to the field I was going to take them from, I saw that a storm was coming. The sky got darker and darker and I saw streaks of lightning. I wasn't lucid but I was aware enough to know that I, picking the plants in that field, would be the tallest object around and that was dangerous. So I shot a quick video on my phone showing the sky and lightning and explaining that would not be completing the assignment on time(it was due that evening for some reason) because it just wasn't safe.
      Back at the school, I showed the video as evidence to the teacher, who said I could it later, no problem. A classmate who had gone somewhere else to pick the plants gave hers to the teacher. I wandered away to play with a small dog on the cabin's porch.
      Cut to me at my retail job. I was still somehow in the cabin but it looked a little more like a storefront now. I went to the register to ring a guy up. I forgot what he was buying aside from a magazine. The guy was friendly and quite good-looking and I was talking to him, I forget about what. Then I noticed that the magazine was called Transmasc, short for trans masculine. So am I. I wanted to strike up a conversation based on that, but I wasn't out in the dream just like in real life, so I kept quiet within earshot of my coworkers. For the last few seconds of the dream, after the guy had left, I was staring at the magazine display and trying to figure out an excuse for buying a remaining copy of Transmasc that wouldn't look weird.
    10. Dream fragment that broke two dreaming rules

      by , 04-20-2022 at 02:12 PM (Dream-quest by UnknownKadath)
      This is more a fragment and I wouldn't bother writing it down except for two memorable things. I was at an outdoor park and found a display with little figurines on it. I picked one up, a figurine of a tower that was intricate and pretty. I turned it over and found a sticker on the bottom.

      The first thing I was able to do was read the label. It told the name of the tower, though I forget it. O'toole, O'hoole, O'xoole. Something. And it had a description of the metals in the figurine. It was pewter with other metals, but contained a small amount of mercury. I set it down quickly and thought that I should wash my hands.

      So then, I looked at my hand. It was normal aside from silvery residue on my fingertips. I went to go find a bathroom with a sink to wash my hands.
    11. Found ring in a cave, twice apparently

      by , 03-08-2022 at 05:15 PM (Dream-quest by UnknownKadath)
      I wear a black ring on my right middle finger. And once in real life, I lost it for a couple days before finding it again in the house. In the dream, I was in an area that was basically a cave, but not a remote one in the middle of nowhere. Someone owned it and it served some purpose, I forget what. And just inside that cave, in some leaves that had blown in the entrance, I found a black ring.

      This ring looked totally different from my real one. It was hugely thick, like donut shaped. And instead of a black band it was black but with the elven writing from Lord of the Rings on it in gold. But I knew it belonged to me and I was shocked that, as often as the place had to have been cleaned(again it served some purpose, people were paid to keep it clean), I happened to find it again after losing it. I apparently hadn't been there in some time and was sure the ring was gone.

      What shocked me more, though, was that I remembered this was actually the second time I'd lost the ring, come back to the cave a while later, and found it there again. It was like I simply could not lose the ring; if I lost it it was just always going to be in the cave if I looked for it there. And also it's worth pointing out that my right hand was noticeably deformed with my fingers far too short and thick, like they suited the ring's size. I didn't outright ignore this, but accepted that yeah, I've always had oddly shaped hands.
      Tags: cave, lost item, ring
    12. Apocalypse dream and looking for my teddy bear

      by , 02-15-2022 at 01:44 PM (Dream-quest by UnknownKadath)
      The dream started out almost like The Walking Dead. There was an apocalypse of some sort and part of the group I was with was at least one co-worker. He was telling me that because the grid was down, nothing was pumping water when your turned the tap on, so no more water. Someone would have to venture out and find some. I said I'd do it. no problem. It was dangerous to go out, though I don't remember why. I think there were zombies.

      The dreams changed. I was in a very fancy theater to watch a movie. I don't remember the movie but the theater was multi-level, with stairs and nice railings that reminded me of an elite club more than a theater. I remember seeing a random pack of instant ramen someone had left on the floor, a net of stuffed animals in one corner, and I remembered a particular staircase. I had brought a new teddy bear that resembled one I actually own. And then I lost it. I think I'd left it in the theater. In the parking lot upon realizing the bear was gone, I told the person I was with to wait a couple minutes while I went back inside for the bear.

      I told a man inside that I'd just be going back in to look for a bear I left, not to watch a movie. He said it'd be $150 to just wander the theater given that I could potentially watch all the movies I wanted once back there. I was angry at him and almost said for him to call someone to walk with me and keep an eye on me to be sure, but I decided against that for some reason. He said he'd give me some of the $150 back upon my return if I found the bear. I slammed my debit card down on a counter and told him I'd be back and he could set his price, and stormed off.

      I retraced my steps rather well. Found the ramen on the floor, found the stuffed animals and sorted through them - not there. Found the staircase and climbed it. No bear. Some little kid had found I and kept it, I decided sadly. I was kind of attached to the little bear even though I hadn't had it for very long. It had been with me through a lot given that I still recalled we were somehow in an apocalypse. Water was an issue still, but someone improved. I remembered bringing the bear with me to "look at/for the transformers", whatever that meant. I knew it meant electrical transformers. My last memory before my alarm went off was leaning on a gilded railing in the theater and thinking on the irony of calling at an apocalypse when the zombies, turns out, were as sane as anyone and hadn't hurt anybody.
    13. DnD party, weakness dream

      by , 12-30-2021 at 03:45 PM (Dream-quest by UnknownKadath)
      This is worth pointing out and I might actually make a post about it, because I'm not sure if this is a common thing. But in some dreams, for no reason I'm extremely weak. I have trouble standing, I repeatedly fall and have to pick myself up. I don't understand it but in the occasional dream it's like that. This dream was like that.

      I was outside a house a didn't recognize, out in the yard/flower garden area. I was lying down and resting but someone was spraying the plants very close to me with something that might have been water, fertilizer or pesticide. I think I accidentally got sprayed and asked the guy if it was just water or if was spraying pesticide. He looked at a readout and said yeah, it was spraying pesticide. Nothing serious but I should wash it off my skin probably. So I got up and know that the weakness was nothing to do with being sprayed because 1: I knew the chemicals were mild and mostly harmless and 2: I don't remember much before but I was weak and kept falling before.

      So, I got up and walked as best I could to a shed by the house because it had a working sink inside and I could wash my hands/arms/legs. But I realized my clothes were sprayed too, and that I should change. I fell once and got up in front of the shed, and then fell against the door and undid the latch only to redo it after deciding to go into the house instead.

      In the house, there was a party, I think a birthday party but it was DnD themed. The birthday boy was actually an adult who had invited his DnD group do a party campaign that would include all the guests, or something similar. But the DnD group was missing in it's entirety and only adult guests and their kids that they had brought(it was going to be a family-friendly party) were around.

      Now in this house it was a known thing that it had a monster problem. Upstairs there were monsters, like gremlins or demons. They couldn't go downstairs because the door to the stairs leading upstairs stayed shut and they couldn't handle doors, somehow. So the door was kept shut, and the kids especially were to leave it alone. But the bathroom was upstairs and thought I could surely run upstairs, change into clean clothes and wash, and then hurry downstairs before I ran into anything bad.

      But in addition to the kids there were puppies, and one slipped by and ran upstairs when I opened the door. I thought, well, I'll keep an eye on the puppy and bring him back down with me when I'm done. But realizing how weak I was, leaning against the closed door, I knew I'd be lucky to save myself if I saw a monster and I caught the puppy, opened the door, set him down back in the living room, and re-closed the door to go upstairs alone. Suddenly I heard yelling from further up and who did I find but the whole DnD group, who had wandered upstairs and were captured by the monsters.

      Everything shifted and suddenly it was like being on a game show crossed with a videogame, where I had to play and win to free the group. But then I woke up.
    14. I casually de-gloved two fingers and tried to fix it.

      by , 12-29-2021 at 02:42 PM (Dream-quest by UnknownKadath)
      I dreams several things last night but the main thing I remember was something that most people would find horrible, though in the dream it didn't bother me. I somehow cute the tip of my ring finger all the way around with something, and the whole tip simply came off. When I say the whole tip I mean the skin and nail portion, the bone and everything else stayed. My finger underneath the skin was the pink that is the color inside a bad cut. I capped the tip back on and hoped for the best.

      Then the ringer finger was cut all the way around at the base of the finger and the whole finger was easily removable, minus the pink meat and the bone underneath that. The tip by this point had mostly rejoined the rest and I could only see a line where the first cut was made. I put it back on and didn't mention it to the people I was with, lest they worry and drag me to a doctor.

      Then, same with the index finger. It was cut all the way round at the base where it met my hand and it was easily and painlessly removable. I put it back, thinking that covering the pink flesh was better than not, and maybe the skin would re-attach rather than having the regrow altogether. I checked the index finger to see how it was doing and it was actually sticking in place by then.

      How did I cut my finger? I don't know. I remember pretty much all of this happening while I was a passenger in a car, or walking around a store. The cuts just appeared, and didn't hurt.
      Tags: fingers, injury
    15. Do I know you, robber?

      by , 12-21-2021 at 03:27 PM (Dream-quest by UnknownKadath)
      My family and I were on vacation. I remember staying somewhere with large windows that weren't stained glass but were shaped like stained glass. Actually they were really cool, they were perfectly shaped like the mountains outside if you lined them up by standing in the right spot in the room. We were debating where to eat, as in what restaurant.

      But then in my second dream I was working in a store that looked slightly different from where I actually work, and the store got robbed while I was at the register. We've never been robbed, mind you. This is a little 'roll up the sidewalks at night' town I live in. But we have computer training videos on what to do if it happens, like most places. And one rule is you don't look at he person more than you have to, and in the dream I didn't look at the man, who wore no sort of mask.
      But then he assured me that he wouldn't hurt me and I don't remember word for word but he seemed to imply that he wouldn't hurt me but rather was concerned for me/would protect me/something to that effect. And he said I was delicate/fragile//vulnerable/I forget but something along those lines. I looked at him then, and didn't recognize him. "Do I know you?" I asked. He said no. Another cashier that I also didn't recognize overpowered him then and I woke up.
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