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    Dream-quest by UnknownKadath

    DnD party, weakness dream

    by , 12-30-2021 at 03:45 PM (148 Views)
    This is worth pointing out and I might actually make a post about it, because I'm not sure if this is a common thing. But in some dreams, for no reason I'm extremely weak. I have trouble standing, I repeatedly fall and have to pick myself up. I don't understand it but in the occasional dream it's like that. This dream was like that.

    I was outside a house a didn't recognize, out in the yard/flower garden area. I was lying down and resting but someone was spraying the plants very close to me with something that might have been water, fertilizer or pesticide. I think I accidentally got sprayed and asked the guy if it was just water or if was spraying pesticide. He looked at a readout and said yeah, it was spraying pesticide. Nothing serious but I should wash it off my skin probably. So I got up and know that the weakness was nothing to do with being sprayed because 1: I knew the chemicals were mild and mostly harmless and 2: I don't remember much before but I was weak and kept falling before.

    So, I got up and walked as best I could to a shed by the house because it had a working sink inside and I could wash my hands/arms/legs. But I realized my clothes were sprayed too, and that I should change. I fell once and got up in front of the shed, and then fell against the door and undid the latch only to redo it after deciding to go into the house instead.

    In the house, there was a party, I think a birthday party but it was DnD themed. The birthday boy was actually an adult who had invited his DnD group do a party campaign that would include all the guests, or something similar. But the DnD group was missing in it's entirety and only adult guests and their kids that they had brought(it was going to be a family-friendly party) were around.

    Now in this house it was a known thing that it had a monster problem. Upstairs there were monsters, like gremlins or demons. They couldn't go downstairs because the door to the stairs leading upstairs stayed shut and they couldn't handle doors, somehow. So the door was kept shut, and the kids especially were to leave it alone. But the bathroom was upstairs and thought I could surely run upstairs, change into clean clothes and wash, and then hurry downstairs before I ran into anything bad.

    But in addition to the kids there were puppies, and one slipped by and ran upstairs when I opened the door. I thought, well, I'll keep an eye on the puppy and bring him back down with me when I'm done. But realizing how weak I was, leaning against the closed door, I knew I'd be lucky to save myself if I saw a monster and I caught the puppy, opened the door, set him down back in the living room, and re-closed the door to go upstairs alone. Suddenly I heard yelling from further up and who did I find but the whole DnD group, who had wandered upstairs and were captured by the monsters.

    Everything shifted and suddenly it was like being on a game show crossed with a videogame, where I had to play and win to free the group. But then I woke up.

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    1. DarkestDarkness's Avatar
      For many years, it's not been normal for me to have any dreams where I'm weak or anything like that. Generally speaking, these days my dream self is far more physically capable than my waking self.

      When I was a kid, I did have a lot of dreams and nightmares about being unable to carry on/catch up, run or hold someone off/away from me. I think that type of thing can be normal for a lot of people, especially in childhood. However, it sounds like what you've had in this dream was different from that? I'm not entirely sure from your description. And it doesn't seem like your weakness was afflicting you emotionally?

      If there's no special emotional element to it, I'm thinking the reason for it could simply be to do with how your dream mind is considering itself in terms of what state the body is/should be in. You could also use this as a lucidity cue by making an intent on noticing and questioning this weakness in dreaming, before you go to sleep at night, especially if it's happening semi-frequently.
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