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    Dream-quest by UnknownKadath

    The fireworks show

    by , 12-23-2022 at 04:02 PM (123 Views)
    I was at a party/festival/similar event where we had fireworks that were somehow indoors. The room was huge, like a stadium, so there was enough space. The problem was, people were crowded around and dropped their belongings as they moved and danced so much so that afterwards, the lost and found piles took the whole room. I only wanted my sandals and was looking for them in a large pile of sandals. I couldn't find mine, but I found expensive Nike's that were definitely not mine. It occurred to me then, that no one's stuff had a name on it and Nike's were plain as Nike stuff went, just the logo. I could claim them and leave the area and then no one would be able to tell that I definitely hadn't bought them weeks ago. In other words, I could away with just stealing an upgrade to my sandals.

    They didn't fit. Dammit.

    So I went elsewhere, I forget if it was to actually find something of mine or possibly just to see what was up for the claiming that I might sneak away with. I found a nice looking pair of sunglasses but got nervous about just taking them because a woman was beside me also looking at them. I didn't want to be caught taking them if they were hers, that would be very obvious. So I held them out and asked if they were hers, since I noticed she was looking at them too. She took them and said, yes they are. But I recall wondering if she was telling the truth or just trying to find something cool to take like I myself was. I didn't argue in case she was honest and started a fight over the sunglasses. I think I got away with a necklace at some point, though.

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