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    She came back

    by , 03-14-2016 at 08:29 PM (264 Views)
    yesterday i had wierd dream in which there was a fest in our college and all my friends from childhood came there our college ground wa filled with tents and huge boxes i was talking to my friend who got admission in one of top universities in our country.I told him that i was not enjoying myself in this college,as our conversatio progressed he told me about all the cool stuff he did ther.He suddenly popped this question "dude,do you a girlfriend"then i felt some sudden rush in my heart i can't describe that feeling it was like i was afraid,sad all the rush of emotions in that moment.I didn't reoly to his question as we walked we reached a tent which was empty as we were tired we sat there for a while and talked about what all was available in lunch then i told "they must have started serving by now,let's go iam feeling very hungry"
    as we were about to get up i felt if someone was behind me as i turned back i see madhuri , my crush,the girl of my dreams,the one i used to adore.She tip-toed towards me and whispered in my ears "can i spend sometime with you?".I said "sure" and then we started walking i think my friend didn't even notice her so i thought of introducing her to him as my class-mate.As i was about to begin "so she is my.....",she punched me lightly on my shoulder as i looked at her she put her index finger on her lips and made a sound "ssshhhh be calm".I thought she must be shy or something like that.She told in a soft voice "i want to spend some time with you".I was shocked to hear those words from her because we never really talked much,so i told my friend to go to dining hall and wait for me.As soon as he was out of my sight i noticed that there was nobody around us and we were alone.When i turned towards her she was already looking at me in despair i asked about what she wanted to talk to me about her next words were"do you know how much i liked you?".I was shocked to hear that without any second thought these words slip from my mouth"nobody knows this but iam secretly in love with you".I see tears in her eyes "then why you never told me about it?"."I was too shy and afraid of what you would say so i didn't" i replied."there was only person i could choose to see before i leave i came back for you,to talk one last time,take care of yourself i will always be with you " she told i didn't understand what she meant by "last time,came back".All these words were running in my mind when all of a sudden my class friend was shouting my name i turned back and there he was running towards me he came and told"madhuri was hit by a speeding car outside our college she died on the spot just 5 minutes ago".

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