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    First (Fully) Lucid dream!!!

    , 03-19-2011 at 11:46 AM (644 Views)
    I had a few dreams earlier which i recall but this is the lucid dream.

    Key: Non Lucid Lucid

    I was sitting in a folding chair with 3 of my friends at the elementary school of our district. And i was listening to my iPod. I don't know what music it was or any music at all but my teacher walked in front of us and started mouthing things, i didn't hear him so when he started to walk away i pulled of my earphones and said," What?" he turned around at started mouthing something again. i pulled my earphones out again and i said, "What?" (should've become lucid taking my earphones out twice! lol) then he started to say something but he was talking really quiet and not how he really talked at all. so i reached up, did a nose pinch RC and was fully lucid!! i ran down the hall screaming," This is a dream!!" And the people just kept walking away. my arms were really heavy so i stretched them out a bit so i could run and jump easily. i walked down the hall and followed my best friend, but like 2 or three people were right on MY back following me. so i screamed, "STOP FOLLOWING ME!" and they turned around and walked away. i followed my freind for a few seconds then said," where r we going?" he didn't say anything, but you know what i heard? the scariest noise ever... it sounded like this:beep, beep, beep,beep, beep, beep,beep! beep! beep!!

    Then I woke up. i was sooo mad i set my alarm for 5:09 but i mustve became lucid at like 5:07 or 5:08! i slapped myself for that i was soo furious, that was my best lucid dream ever in my life!

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    1. Wildride's Avatar
      Dream characters tend to be strange, depending on the person...

      (mine go homicidal toward me when I tell them it's a dream xD)
    2. USA's Avatar
      Haha XD nice