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    Lame Thing to Do.

    , 04-07-2011 at 09:41 PM (549 Views)
    Key: Non Lucid Lucid
    Random LD
    I don't remember how I became lucid but I was at a dinner table and I knew I was dreaming all of a sudden. Then after some time I rubbed my hands together and my vision went all weird... Then I jumped across the table and punched or kicked my cousin, Zack. He pushed me back or something.

    Then I was at my computer and since DV is in my bookmarks bar on the first spot I clicked it. Then my bookmarks kept changing and I kept clicking on them. That's all I think I did.
    Verrryyy lame way to spend a lucid dream lol.

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    1. KingYoshi's Avatar
      I see me and your cousin share the same name.
    2. Typho's Avatar
      I've had LDs Like that Before. Before I came to this site, my line was always: "This has GOT to be a dream"
    3. USA's Avatar
      @ KingYoshi: That's cool haha

      @Typho: What do you mean "your lline"?