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    Mom Shows Her Stuff, Kid Gang, Victoria Justice

    , 07-26-2012 at 03:12 PM (723 Views)
    I started to want to see my mom naked. So I began to be nice to her and do whatever she said. We were on a bus and her straps on the camisole she was wearing started to fall to her arms, and she wasn't wearing a bra. She was joking about how innapropriate that was or something, and I told her I didn't mind. When the bus got to it's stop, my mom got off so I followed her. She went in front of a docking bay, and let her boobs hang out for everyone to see! She turned around and showed me, and said something like hers don't look good because she's old, then I told her she had nice boobs. Then we got back to our van and I got in the middle seat. Mom was packing some stuff into the trunk and the van started driving down the road by itself. I just sat there and Mom was still packing the trunk while it was going. Then when she finished, she ran by the side of the car and got in the middle seat next to me. We talked for a little while. Next thing I know, we were at home and she laid an Xbox 360 controller standing on its side on the floor. She said at 4-5 P.M. you can knock it down for a baseball card. I said we didn't have any baseball cards, so we looked around for regular cards. I found a pack of good playing cards, but before I could use them, Mom got a pack of small cards, and shot them all over the floor, all 52 of them! So I decided to help her pick them up because I wanted to see those boobies again. While I was picking up cards, there were also little puzzle pieces all over and other junk. When it was all cleaned up, Mom walked out of her bedroom, and was licking her finger seductively, and I was gonna do something, then Dad walked out of the bathroom and stopped me from doing anything. It barely looked like my dad though because he had medium length hair, not short; wore a baseball cap, which he never does; and he wasn't wearing his glasses.

    Me and some other kids (4 guys 1 girl) started a gang in our neighborhood. Our hideout was underneath a building. There was a small area of brick that moved up and down so you could lift it and get in. You would have to strech between to walls to get down to the floor. Also before you could even get on the ground you had to do something with your hands (so only your feet were holding you) then something with your feet (so only your hands were holding you). The girls wouldn't have to do that though because it would be too hard. Somehow Mr L (He's the strictest most bitchly teacher at my school who gets you in trouble for just about anything) found our gang hideout, and stopped our gang. Next thing I know we are at some festival and we're in a big tent with a restaurant in it. I see people outside the tent in a big crowd so I start making peace signs at them and saying, "Pee." (Instead of peace) Then the old lady behind the counter at the restaurant starts having problems with her dentures. They're buzzing really loud, and Mr L tells one of the guys in my gang to stop, but he's not doing anything. The lady tries to fix her dentures but nothing works.

    Victoria Justice set up a ladder on some wall and put a clear tube around it, then another yellow tube around it. She said she wanted me to go in there with her. I tried to get in and could barely fit. I did want to go in there with her (she's hoottt), but we just wouldn't be able to fit.

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