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    Non Lucids.

    , 04-06-2011 at 08:45 PM (384 Views)
    Key: Non Lucid Lucid

    Army Dream
    I was in the army. I was on some mission in Sweden. I was a sergeant and me and some other guy, I think his name was Sergeant Adam or something like that, were in front of a building crouched down and then it blew up. Earlier I was talking to Sgt. Adam on a walkie-talkie, that's how I know his name. Then I was at my Gramma's house in the basement with my cousin. When I walked down there, there were 2 sodas so I grabbed one. One of them was Diet 7UP and some other one which I grabbed. Then I was telling him about my job in the army and how much I got paid. I had to go up the stairs to see what my pay was, the first time I checked and told him, it was 400,000 dollars. Then I went up again and it said my share was 2.5 milion.

    Mom Dream
    My mom was younger and she was at some window. She saw a guy and he said something about her being a newbie. Then he touched her hand and she giggled like she had a crush on him. Later she was really mad about something, I can't remember what but she threw something like a small tuna on the ground.

    Wheelchair Dream
    This guy was helping someone get across the street. They were in a wheelchair. So he waited for just the right time and he pushed the person into the road and a silver Volkswagen just missed the guy.

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