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    My Nighttime Experiences


    , 03-25-2011 at 02:39 AM (462 Views)
    Key: Non Lucid ------------ Lucid

    Dream 1:
    I was at a swamp, and I was drove there by someone in a Jeep. There were some kids sinking into puddles of mud and water, and there was also an obstacle course above a muddy pond. I tried to go through it but in the beginning you jumped up into a box and you were supposed to go through a hole that my head probably wouldn't even fit through! So I never got through the course.

    Dream 2:
    I was at my friends house and he had to leave to do something. I was left alone in the house and it just like all became dark so I was walking around with a flashlight and I tried to turn on the lights but they didn't work. I was standing by the window waiting for my friend to come back, and when he did someone else was in the van. He came out and didn't see me, I think he thought it was someone else, but he was aying something like," Dude seriously? Seriously?" Then he saw me and was like," Oh, sorry," and just walked away.

    Dream 3:
    I was at school in the back of my classroom working on something talking to my friend. He brought something in and the stuff he had came out of some huge boxes and the boxes he just put on the side of the room.
    (The boxes were HUGE! They were probobaly like 2 or 3 times as big as a large refrigirator box.) Then I was out in the hallway and over the intercom something said, "Last chance for something!" That was the end, at least I think it was...

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