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    Music School Ceremony/Illegal Travel

    by , 03-03-2014 at 11:52 PM (251 Views)
    I am in a large banquet hall. It is well lit, but somehow seems dark. There are round tables placed around the room randomly. We are celebrating something for the music school. I am with my friend, Jim. He takes me to a table to sit across from a British girl. I think she's really attractive and we talk, but she wants to introduce me to her friend. There is a shift from the banquet hall to a lobby. It looks like a lobby of a cheap hotel. My old bass guitar is hanging up on the wall. I take it down and try to play Chicken Scratch, a song I played in jazz band in high school. I can't figure it out at first, but then I change the strings I'm playing on, and I slap it out like a boss. My old band director is there standing in front of me. He tells me that I can have his rehearsal bass guitar. I tell him that I already have it. There is a shift from the lobby to outside. I am in a long line of people. It seems to never stop in front of my nor behind me. We are standing on a ledge about two stories above the base of a mountain. There are only a few feet between the side of the mountain and where the ledge drops off. The girl the British girl was going to introduce me to is in front of the person in front of me. The person in front of me is on a horse, as is the person behind me. There is a very loud announcement. A man standing on a pedestal as tall as the ledge we are standing on makes a speech about reviews. The man is very tall and looks like Uncle Sam on stilts with blue and white striped pants. He says that each person will either have a 5 second review and a 5 second slide off the ledge, or will have a 10 second review and no slide off the ledge. Many people are happy and joyous, but many seem hopeless and sad. I see the slide appear next to me me and someone goes down it, then it disappears. I continue to follow the horse in front of me. The horse behind me starts to nudge me with its head. I don't want to fall off, so I try to get to the girl in front of the horse in front of me. I can't do it no matter how hard I try. I wake up.

    *Minor note: I knew in my head that the way we were traveling was illegal.

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