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    Dream chaining marathon

    by , 11-20-2013 at 06:18 PM (590 Views)
    Crazy long dream chaining this morning ( with alarm DEILD ), around 10 reentries.

    They happened after around 9 hours of sleep, and were all very short, but i could always manage to fall asleep and DEILD again. Btw, i was on my back, which i think helps with awareness, somehow, and my autosnooze alarm was ringing every 15 min, reminding me to DEILD.
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    1. PennyRoyal's Avatar
      Great chain!

      I'm curious.. how long does your alarm go off before it does the ole' Auto Snooze?
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    2. VagalTone's Avatar
      Hi !

      Thank you. 2 seconds is enough for me. And it is a bit loud, but its fine.

      Itīs funny and weird sometimes because it seems like the timer is not working, but its only my distorted perception of time.
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    3. PennyRoyal's Avatar
      Ok great, I've been toying with the idea of using an alarm for DEILD purposes. Was the Autosnooze an App for your phone, or do you have an awesome alarm clock?
    4. VagalTone's Avatar
      Oh sorry, i am too late. I use an app called timers4me.