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    dream yoga 2

    by , 04-08-2013 at 08:38 PM (290 Views)
    In the nighttime we have confusion in our
    dreams; in daytime we have confusion with our mind—judging, thinking, creating many things. This
    is how we pass our life. Being aware or continuing our awareness in dreamtime means maintaining
    the same awareness we have during the daytime. If we have no capacity to be in the state of Rigpa,
    the state of real knowledge, in the daytime with practice of contemplation, we cannot have it in the
    nighttime either. It is the same principle. If we have at least this knowledge of Rigpa in the daytime
    with many experiences, then when we use this knowledge in the nighttime it will be easier to be in
    this state. We can have more experiences in dreamtime than daytime. So this is the relationship of
    practice to night experience.

    Dream Yoga And The Practice Of Natural Light

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