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    Jealous guy

    by , 12-21-2013 at 02:18 PM (633 Views)
    Bed time: 2:10h am / Wake up: 12h

    induction: MILD, alarm DEILD, body scan, WBTB

    My first awakening yelded a vivid dream, which i used to MILD, but i will jump straight to my lucid.

    Well, my lucidity was steadily increasing along the dream. First, i find myself in some college, in the reprographic department, trying to get some notes, but then when i approached them, i lost my interest.

    Then, i find myself leaving the college and some high school friend, which i havenīt seen for 7 years, and he asks me what am i doing here. Oh, i just tell him a lie, i told him i went to see my girlfriend. But the truth is that i didnīt know what i was doing there. i stay with him, and soon more high school friends join us, and i understand why. there will be a fight show. ok makes sense. but the problem is that there is an old friend of mine that get jealous ( because of his girlfriend ). he tries to force me out, but i tell him i never had anything with her, just flirt. he kept on forcing me. i told him it was my right, and he would have to face the consequences. the truth is that he starts chasing me and i began flying, but could not find an open window or a big one for my dream body. thatīs when i turn lucid and, not because i wanted to escape, i break a window and finally open space ! but lost lucidity in seconds.

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    1. VagalTone's Avatar
      I have learned something from this dream. The question Ŧ what am i doing here ? ŧ seems interesting from both the point of view of lucid dreaming and lucid living.