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    my mom had a LD

    by , 03-30-2013 at 10:54 PM (374 Views)
    this morning my mom came to my room telling me she had a LD!! she didnīt try any technique, but a i usually talk about my LDs and how my hands look weird. now, after seing his deceased grandmother, she looked at her hands and had 8 and 7 fingers. she said the dream lasted for 10 minutes ( really ? ) and talked with that DC. the DC told my mother that my grandmother ( also decesased ) was in heaven ( this gave my mother a feeling of peace, somehow ). my mother didnīt seem as excited as i would expect for a first LD, i donīt know why.
    she said it was a vivid dream but itīs strange how naturally she talked about it.
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    1. melanieb's Avatar
      That's really amazing that she had such a dream and it made her feel good. Perhaps she'd be willing to try some of the techniques.

      Are you influencing your family members? :)
    2. petko10's Avatar
      At some point I mentioned LD to my girlfriend quite often , and right about the same time she had 2-3 lucid dreams . She was generally excited , but kind of frightened too , because in the end she always wanted to end them but couldn't , and I guess it messed with her. In the same time I was getting the same if not worse results while trying everything on the forum
    3. VagalTone's Avatar
      I use to talk a lot about dreams with her since my interest began 4 months ago, but she never tried any technique, so it must be my influence. The same happened with my brother too.

      My deceased grandmother sometimes talked about her vivid dreams and sleep halucinations. I never cared about it, even believed she could have some problem. Now i would be more open. I really hope she is in heaven
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      Updated 03-31-2013 at 01:50 AM by VagalTone
    4. melanieb's Avatar
      I sometimes think the same abut my grandmother. I would like to meet her while lucid. :)