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    Non-Lucid Dreams

    1. Never too late for lucidity

      by , 12-15-2013 at 01:51 PM
      Bed time: 1h20 / Wake up: 11h20

      induction: relaxation, mild, alarm deild, mild imsonia 1h

      4h10: first natural awakening, immediately went to bathroom, thinking about my dream, but only at the very end of sleep do i remember some fragments. I remember being in the city i lived before i moved to university; i was wandering around the city, and i saw some familiar faces, many had aged a bit, but the feeling of seeing them again gives me a good feeling. This is a very recurrent theme

      5h50: second natural awakening; very quiet awakening; very vivid dream but aversive dream content. As i try to remember the details i close my eyes and notice there is still some visual hypnagogia. i felt i could have tried DEILD, but opted to DJ instead

      6h-7h: i choose to do some autogenic relaxation and MILD, but it was difficult to fal asleep again for an hour. Also set my alarm deild.

      10h20: wake up with lots of dream fragments, almost like i had many short dreams. i didnīt jot done anything. At this moment, i began thinking i have not much more time to become lucid for 16th competition. i think i give up my intention, but still try again some autogenic relaxation and manage to fall asleep. At some point, i find myself lucid in my previous home, and began to walk very fast and touch every thing i can, while trying to find some dream characters . for some reason, they only appeared at my brother bedroom, but they morphed very soon. During the dream, i had to recover my vision twice. to be more accurate, i waited for it to return, while touching my body and moving around and also visualizing. I kept moving back and forth, trying to find DCs. For just a small visit, i leave my house and go to the apartment complex's hall and stairs, but i felt the environment was more unstable and returned home. At the third attempt to recover my vision, i accidently moved my real body and chosen to wake up. It felt like a 3 min LD, not bad
      lucid , non-lucid , dream fragment