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    Urine induced lucid dream

    by , 01-29-2017 at 11:31 AM (411 Views)
    After a 45 minute WBTB, without exposure to artificial light, decided to drink a cup of coffee and half a banana.

    It took some 30 mins or so to fall asleep, although i expected to remain awake ( which alleviated the pressure and fear of failure so to speak)

    In the dream i feel an urge to pee, so i have a false awakening and go to WC but it does not relieve me, so this makes me remember to RC

    The LD lasted until the urge was too strong to remain asleep

    This was an interesting finding, and surely opens some avenues for experimentation. There is already a technique called urine initiated lucid dream. It can generate false awakenings about using WC and this can be exploited to realize lucidity

    This cup of coffe had a strange diuretic effect. I did not drink water during WBTB

    I probably can substitute water for coffee, although i may miss the coffe stimulating effect on mind faculties

    The urge to urinate can be a trigger to RC and if the urge remains after peeing should be a sign one is using a dream body.

    If one is well hydrated, proabably there will be more than 6 opportunities to pee in a day and to build this pee-RC reflex. And if one trains to remain with the urge to pee and not immediately visit the WC ( which must happen if one is to remain in bed ) it can also be used to RC at every urge you feel. But be careful not to change your bladder habits or disturb its autonomic functioning. Be aware that you can also urinate in your bed, it might happen in theory.. But if you get lucid before peeing it should be no problem

    This urge can also be used to wake up and WBTB

    Gonna keep some experimentation on this

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