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    Vortex trip

    by , 12-24-2013 at 02:43 PM (515 Views)
    After 6h30 of sleep woke up to record my nLDs and after that let myself lay on bed, daydreaming, sometimes falling into micro-dreams, but didn´t fell asleep for 1,5 hour. then, decided to shift to my belly and, knowing i was on the edge of sleep, decided to observe any image without loosing my awareness.

    Very soon, i find myself on a vortex ( happens sometimes ) and i know i am wilding, then another random images, and finally a real 3D dream location. my senses a bit dormant, but didn´t need to stabilize or stimulate them. i find myself in some college corridor, the walls with shiny wood. very nice dream definition, and cool place. I see a female DC on an elevator, i got interested in talking to her, but the dream takes me ahead. now i am opening a door that lead to a classroom, and i enter. I see two female teachers and also female students ( yes, only female DCs in this dream ). They look at me with strange eyes. I wonder how interesting their facial expressions. then i see a computer on the classroom and decided to test if it would work properly. It seems like the notepad is open and i begin typing some letters. it worked decently: same keys provided the same letters.

    while i was typing the two female teachers ( one was black skinned ) were behind me and i was afraid one of them did something annoying to me, but the black teacher only shouted « hey» and i look to her.

    then i decide to leave the classroom, and take one more chance to look at the students. how nice their facial expressions, how nice the image definition.

    then, perhaps because of the female dream content, and motivated by lust, sadly i tried to find a pretty DC.
    i won´t go into details, but i woke up too soon. shame

    besides waking up too soon, i really didn´t have an interesting sexual experience so far, because it seems like the anatomy is different.

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