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    1. DILD and more dream challenges met

      by , 04-30-2017 at 02:12 PM

      Nothing done in particular which would have had much effect.



      Turmeric (Plus black pepper)


      GABA (Done day before)

      rhodiola standardized to 3% salidrosides (Done day before)

      Vitamin B5 aka Pantothenic acid (Done day before)


      Started with a normal dream. The details of which have become a bit hazy at this point. After an assumed car accident I awaken in a psychiatrists office, where I was questioned about my sanity. Then I am ushered in a larger house area with other people committed to be closely observed. There were several long conversations in a living room area which I only barely recall now. The point in which I became lucid was a continuation of this house dream, I was upstairs and suddenly I realized I was dreaming for no obvious external reason.

      After roaming the house for a few moments I end up going outside. I went outside and found myself on the deck of a house a lived at when very young. I decided to attempt the challenges, all tho my control at the time was not particularly strong.

      Still on the wooden deck, attached to the second floor, I find a small square metal can, about a foot across. I pick it up and while focus on what zero-gravity would look like I let it go. It hung there in the ear nearly effortlessly for a few seconds until I was content the challenge was adequately met.

      Next I decided to make something disappear. There was a single red plastic cup sitting on the floor of the deck. At first tried to make is vanish while I was looking at it, but had trouble. I then willed it to vanish while I turned away from it, this took about 3-4 tried, but it did disappear.

      There is a transition.

      I am outside in the middle of the street of a normal looking neighborhood, with houses to either side. It is a clear night, the stars are apparent, and there was no wind to speak of. There was a slightly dark mood 'in the air', so I walk a bit, and then decide to say a mantra out loud, hoping it will make the sun come out. I looked up at the stars while saying "Om-Ah-Hum", my voice soundly strange and wobbly. Suddenly a large object comes out of the sky, it is an UFO, and then lands in the middle of the street. One side was smooth and sphere like, the other half was nearly perfectly flat. It was comprised of large white squares with electric blue trim, perhaps 4-8 squares in all. I enter it, I recall it being bright and very white inside, there were not many details to be seen as I recall. But that part is a bit hazy.

      I am walking down the street, I see there is a city with several large and small buildings-houses in the distance, there are a few lights on, but it is mostly lit by ambient light from behind. I find flying difficult, so I create a rope between me and a fare building, I will it to pull me, and so it does, I am quickly skimming over the water and pass several boats which I consider looking around on, but i decide there is more to be seen in the city itself.

      I end up walking into a building, the outside was brick, the inside was what looked like aged wood, it seemed to me this building had been sitting empty for many years. I walk up the stairs, it is dark, I can see fine, the 'vibe' is creepy tho. At first I Will the lights to turn on or the room to brighten somehow, however, this did not work. I find an old car light on the ground, which I assumed by its shape and age, belonged to a Model T Ford. I was able to 'pump energy' into it and use it as a respectable flashlight. I spend some time looking around, opening closets, the whole place looked abandoned for some time.

      I end up going outside again and the sun is starting to come up, there is a sense of pleasurable 'energy' in the air, there are people about, it is an extremely beautiful scene. I see a man next to a tree and recall what I had read on dream views about pulling it up and seeing what was under it. So I did. The first thing I pulled up was small piece of metal, no more than I half inch long. Then to my surprise, and perhaps to the dream character right next to me, I find a live turtle, I hold it for a few moments and give it a close look over, and perhaps laugh a bit as well. Turtles aren't exactly known for being burroughers that I know of.

      At this point I look around again, with the sun out I get a much clearer look. I am at a lake-side or perhaps ocean-side town. There are boats in the water, people walking along a walkway by the shore, the grass was green, the sky was blue, and the entire scene was filled with movement, living color, and happiness. Every one seemed to happy, and I was exited to be apart of their town happening. Sadly, this part did not last long, I think I jumped upon a docked boat before I woke up.
    2. DILD and some dream challenges met.

      by , 04-19-2017 at 02:27 AM

      Meditated two times earlier that day.

      Laid down while meditating at about 8:00 PM, after about 30 minutes I became tired and fell asleep.


      Turmeric (plus black pepper)

      D-Phenylalanine (amino-acid)

      L-theanine (amino-acid)

      Yerba mate tea (In morning)

      Green Tea (right before laying down)


      Breath and then open meditation.

      Energy work, i.e. Poor breathing, Micro-cosmic orbit, etc, with emphasis on Ajna chakra.

      Rope method and imagining self raise from body.


      I enter the dream state soon after falling asleep, which was relatively surprising due to the fact it was so close to my normal sleeping time. I find myself in my old room, where I find an attractive female. This part went on for a few minutes. At the end of the encounter something occurred, which was very odd, the girl held up a magazine and pointed at a picture, which I am not sure what of, but the implication was she wanted me to purchase something and then completely dissipated in front of my eyes.

      Either there is a full transition or I left out the window, but I recall flying and landing near what looked to be a construction sight. There were various building supplies laying about. Recalling the dream views contest I decide to start checking activities off my list.

      I start moving stuff around with my mind, first a few pallets of wood, and then a large air compressor.
      At the apex of this event, I had, I believe four objects moving at one time, 3 bundles of wood, and one large air compressor.
      Attempt at mass telekinesis.

      Next in the same location I decide to create a sphere of light. This was much easier than moving multiple large objects around. I looked at my hands and then willed a sphere to appear. Wisps of smoke-light emerged out of my hands and formed between them, something near a sphere, a bit bumpy, close enough I say.

      Next I fly some distance and come across a house or small building. Recalling building a pyramid was another part of the contest I attempt to form it into one. It takes some working, the building would expand and then fall back in on itself a bit, this went on for a few seconds, until a decent step pyramid was built and held its shape for several seconds. Not perfect, but not bad either.
    3. Another partial WILD

      by , 03-30-2017 at 12:35 AM


      After work out

      Supplements used:



      Green tea (half cup)



      Visualize a white-light replica of my body emerge from my physical body. I identify with it. I do several things, but mainly imagined feeling the ceiling repeatedly to create a sense of dis-location.

      After working out I was physically tired. I laid down on a slight incline. I proceeded to do the methods described.

      After some time I feel asleep, and after what seemed to be only a short time, I 'woke up' in my dream body. There was a loud and intense humming coming from the center of my brain which was slightly disconcerting, I thought for a moment my brain might blow a fuse. There were also strong energetic-vibrational waves rolling over my dream body. These waves and the humming intensified as I proceeded to try to force my dream body from its laying position. When I did this I felt, what I will describe as a electric web over me, only allowed me to emerge a few feet upward and I would be pulled back down. This lasted for several minutes, I would estimate as much as ten or more. The energetic sensations and humming were pretty constant the whole time (And these sensations were very powerful, I cannot stress that enough).

      Even tho I did not have a full projection this time, it was still highly interesting and enjoyable.
    4. DILD

      by , 03-30-2017 at 12:21 AM
      At some point, I do not recall what sparked it, I become Lucid.

      A friend and I have come up with a experiment where when I was Lucid dreaming I would attempt to view his house, which I have never seen. So as soon as I became Lucid I set the intention to do so, I quickly found myself in the beach looking over a modern looking house, well two distinct houses, each black and cube like. The houses were on a outcropping of rocks which stretched out from the beach. I fly down to look inside. I go in and find a rather normal set-up, there were several pieces of furniture, pictures on the wall, and so forth. I Zero in on a singular piece of art, which is a black sculpture of a lion or gargoyle, I pick it up and carry it into the kitchen with me. There is a odd transition where I follow A man outside who appeared in the room, the door we left opened up into a amazon like scene with large green trees and a river underneath.

      Transition. I am in what I took to be a theme park. There are people everywhere and also tents set up, it is night. There is a large blue orb on top of a building in the distance which sent out light waves into the air. I walked around for a bit.

      Again, the experiment came to mind, and thinking logically I doubted the person lived on a outcropping of rocks. So I again intended to find another house. I end up walking up a small hill. I take time to observe the ground and walk around a small ice hole in the snow, viewing it very intensely to judge if it would remain still, it did as long as I looked at it. I come upon two houses. The first was a large white-yellow home, whose top story was oddly shaped, one room protruded much farther than the others. Then I saw another house. It was one story, made of red brick, and had a underground swimming pool. I go inside And come across two people, it gets hazy after that.
    5. A Partial WILD

      by , 01-07-2017 at 04:59 PM

      Used WBTB method.

      I do a variety of WILD specific methods, including the rope technique, and visualising myself above my physical body.

      After doing the methods for some time I found I was having trouble falling asleep while focusing on the methods, so I just let myself fall asleep.

      After some time of unconsciousness I wake up and am in my subtle body. My body is vibrating intensely. I try to role out of my body but I only get a few feet to the side and then feel a strong tow of gravity or magnetism pulling me back to my body, while I do this my dream body warps and vibrates violently. I kept projecting myself a few feet in every direction, and each time I felt vivid pulsations in my subtle body and the gravity pulling me back. At one point I was completely upside down with my dream feet pointing up toward the ceiling.

      Through my various attempts to dislodge myself I used some methods from my energy work exercises. I visualised my Chakras, focused on them within my subtle body, and said a mantra in my head. This caused a powerful increase in the vibrations, and also caused a expanding in my subtle body.

      This goes on for some time, I keep getting a few feet out and get sucked back. At one point to my surprise I feel two hands pulling me upward some distance by my feet. Just in case, I draw a pentagram in the air, draw a white circle around me, and recite a mantra, suspecting that if it was evil it would go away.

      At two points I actually was in a full dream environment.

      First I was in a screened in porch, it felt like I was a thousand pounds and was unable to move. I just sat there looking at a wall.

      Then I was in a drive way. Again my body was too heavy and I just laid there looking at the ground, I may have crawled a few inches, but not much more.

      This next event took place during another failed WILD, but I did not want to make a whole new entry for it, since everything else was remarkably similar to this one.

      I am floating above my body. It is almost completely dark except for a vague outline of a few things in my room. My limbs feel odd and disjointed. Next thing I know there is a 'presence' coming at me. Suddenly It takes the form of a grey alien with a large head and wide black eyes. The next thing I know It is grabbing my right leg and taking it right off my body. I waver back and forth in being calm thinking "it is only a dream" and then freaking out to some degree. The leg is completely off but I can still feel it, it was like being in two places at once. I am not sure how it ended.
    6. A nice DILD

      by , 12-11-2016 at 02:25 AM

      Seventh day since stopping marijuana.
      (This is known to produce intense dreams)

      Supplements and Herbs:


      Turmeric capsule, 400mg

      Black Pepper (For absorption)

      Green Tea


      Meditation before sleep.

      No other methods were used.

      The dream started only moments after falling asleep. I seem to wake up in my bed, the T.V. in the room is on the fritz, the controllers I am trying to use are different. In a flash of insight i realise I must be dreaming.

      The dream

      I get up and start walking toward the living room window which I normally leave the apartment out of. My vision is flashing in and out of focus, my body is heavy, the apartment is dark. After some effort and the recitation of a mantra for extra energy I make it out side. I instantly look up at the stars, there were hundreds or thousands in the sky, I simply stood there and enjoyed the stars of the inner cosmos for a while. I phase out.

      I have a false awakening. I am in my bed and find it hard to get up. I do the rope method and pull myself up and out of my body. I imagine in my mind I want to visit a snowy mountain which is under a clear blue sky. I move through the wall and then - pop - I am on the slope of a mountain. People are walking around, some are skiing. I have a short conversation with a person, but I do not recall its details.

      Another false awakening. I imagine in my mind I want to visit a tropical paradise. I do not recall how I got there but I am suddenly in a fully formed dream environment. Outside it is dark but the mood is enjoyable, I walk into a large restaurant made of wood and straw, I sit by the bar. There room is happening, people dance slowly next to a stage where there is a band playing, I sit and enjoy myself. I phase out.

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    7. WILD / Purple Mountains in the Distance

      by , 10-16-2016 at 04:16 AM
      Awake after about seven hours of sleep.

      Meditate for 26 minutes.

      Do energy body work, i.e. Inner alchemy, chakra activation.

      Conditions: In room. Laying on back on slight incline. Lights on.

      Methods use: imagine floating above body, walk around courtyard, swaying above body, sphere coming out of head and seeing self from above; energy body stimulation, autosuggestion, and so forth .

      After about fifteen minutes of going through the several methods described I allow myself to fall asleep while maintaining a moderate level of concentration and awareness.

      After a estimated three minutes I suddenly become fully conscious in my bed, seeing that I can see through my closed eye lids and there is a strange feeling of 'energy' in my body I quickly conclude I am in the dream state.

      It takes a few moments to be able to rise from the dream bed, I visualise and Will my subtle body to coagulate and solidify, I then attempt to role on to the floor, after several tries I am successful.

      I walk slowly out of my room into the hallway allowing my vision to crystallise into a steady state, when I walk into the living room I notice that the coffee table is no longer there, but this does not surprise me a great deal.

      I walk outside through one of the many living room windows, I am on a second story. The ocean is again extremely close, only some thirty feet from the door. To my great surprise however there was perhaps one of the most magnificent landscapes I have ever seen in this word or that one. The first thing that drew my attention on the other side of the water was a towering and jagged mountain covered with snow, it reminded my of pictures of mount Everest. The next aspect of the scene was also remarkable, behind and to the right of the mountain was a purple and blue sun set, (or sunrise) there were a great variety of shades of the colours, coupled with multi textured streams and clumps of white clouds.

      After enjoying the view I decide I would like to interact with some people, to my left down the shore about one quarter of a mile I see a small building, it looked at first like a store or small home. I lift only five feet off the ground and fly quickly toward it, stopping was a little tricky, my momentum wanted to carry me a bit farther. I walk in, it is a bar, there are maybe ten people standing around drinking, some by the bar, others chatting next to the several pool tables.

      Break in memory. I am in the dream bed again. First I hear a stand up comedian talking, it was Joe from the show 'impractical jokers', it went on for a little while but i only recall one line accurately. He says "Why are there so many gays now days?" and then says "One thing:finger paint". Needless to say I found this a very odd stand up routine. Next there was the voice of a man who lectures on the evidence of alien structures on the moon and other things similar to that I had heard recently, this went on for some time.

      Break in memory. I am again in my dream bed. There is a extra TV in front of the bed, I watch it few a moment and ascertain it is a dream re make of the classic movie 'the exorcist', that did not worry me, but I looked away not wanting to freak myself out.

      I am walking through the hall next to my room again. A old old friend walks by and quickly reaches over and pinches my back causing a mildly unpleasant sensation. I attempt to talk to him but he ends up walking through the wall next to the bathroom, it did not occur to me to follow him.

      I was in bed for something like one or two hours, I cannot help but feeling that a large portion of the lucid dream was forgotten sadly.

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    8. WILD with music

      by , 09-28-2016 at 08:27 AM
      I wake up after around 7-8 hours. Still slightly tired I force myself to stay awake remembering the intention I had set the night before to attempt a WILD. I meditate while listening to a 6.5 delta binaural beat for about 25 minutes, starting with Zazen, then moving to chakra activation exercises. In all including the meditation I was most likely awake for about one hour.

      Supplements: Siberian ginseng and D-Phenylalanine.

      I lay down, I take three pillow and make a incline so my head is resting higher than usual. I attempt using a 'astral projection' brain entrainment audio file, but the MP3 player keeps shutting off prematurely, so I just take off the head phones.

      I do several methods in succession. The rope method. Imagining myself floating above my body. Imagining myself floating around the court yard outside and jumping around in the ocean. Some chakra Focus. Imagining seeing myself from above my bed, I did this by sending out a sphere from my forehead, I imagine it to be carrying my consciousness. I imagine a small sphere floating around my body, this generates that pulling sensation which accompanies many exit methods.

      After maybe a few seconds or a few minutes of seeming unconsciousness, I suddenly pop back fully awake. My body seems filled with energy, I am not sure if I am dreaming or not. At first glance the room looked so accurate and distinct that no hint was given of anything being amiss, I decide to do a reality test, I look at a jar filled with yellow highlighters on top of my tv, all of a sudden one started spinning in circles in the jar. I then look at a towel hanging from a hook on a door, all of a sudden it starts to move and wave like it was being blown by wind. This convinced me I was in fact already in the Lucid dream state and I could get up now.

      I get up and move to the window, then jump out of it. The scenery looks nothing like what actually exists out of my window. I was on one side of a large valley around a quarter of a mile wide, it was bright, clear, and sunny. There were green trees, grass, and bushes everywhere, there were also a number of large elegant brick houses on either side of the valley. There was a dirt trail that passed right by a small building to my left, by a curve in the trail was a small tree that drew my attention by its picturesque quality, it had a thin stalk, was perhaps 9 feet high, and had a thick upper canopy the shape of a Frisbee. My vision was perfect, I could see across the valley and observe in detail the particular features of each house, all made of red brick, some with differing coloured doors, window shutters, vines, and other adornments. There is a group of men quietly arguing, each dressed in work clothes of some type, there is maybe 5 on each side, they run up and scuffle with each other, it does not strike me as that big of a deal, just a bunch of pushing, they did not seem to wish to hurt each other, nor did they even glance at me once. I decide To fly over to the houses in the distance, a lift up in the sky, some 6 feet and slowly start to drift toward them, the sensation is highly pleasant. I get very close but the dream fades.

      False awakening; I am again laying in bed. There is extremely vivid music playing in the room, I first think that perhaps someone is blasting music in the next room, this strikes me as unlikely, I quickly conclude that this wonderful and ongoing music is a product of my dream, I considered it a very nice treat, the song was wonderful, melodic, sad. It was either the band snow patrol or something very similar. I have trouble getting up, I Repeat the mantra Om-ah-hum and strongly focus on my body, I will it to solidify, at the same time I focus on my breath, the breath has become a efficient state anchor for me because it is my main point of focus during formal meditation sittings, I become more focused and mentally unified. I get up after some spinning I think, outside, as I go through the TV room I notice that the black coffee table is huge, nearly five foot tall and 5 feet across with bunch of extra level on top like many office work tables have for keeping files close at hand.

      There is a break in my memory. I am walking around outside; I decide to test some ideas. I focus on my subtle body, I distinctly feel energy where I focus, first on the stomach then on my heart region. I chant a mantra, this has a strong effect and my body seems to vibrate, it seems to resonate on the buildings and trees around me, a sense of power comes over me.

      There is another break in my memory. I am walking down a road, I start to narrate what I am doing. "walking, stepping, there is a house, there is a tree", and so on., in order to greater facilitate memory consolidation. I come upon a very large brick house, it has a sprawling multi levelled concrete with several children playing jacks. have a short conversation with them and then start to move into the house, here i think the dream faded again, memory gets hazy.

      False awakening; I am in my room, there is the music again. It takes a little to get out of my body, there is a lot of spinning and trying to jump out and upward. Some how I am behind a old rusty building I am talking to a man, it is dark, and I think it is snowing. I see a old friend and become very happy.

      No clear memory how I get here. I am in a parking lot, I am running incredibly fast. Across the parking lot is a large store, maybe a Target or something.

      No clear memory how I get here. I am on a typical suburban street, it is dark. two men stand by a car in painters uniforms, I walk up and have a short conversation, one asks "why are your eyes so blue?", I say genetics I guess. I thought that was a unusual question for a dream character. There is a fire I think in the yard contained by a steel barrel. I ask a lady "what she is" and "if she knew it was a dream", but I do not recall here answer. While walking away she says something that sends a chill up my spine, but I do not recall what that was now.

      There is the memory of a few more false awakings, but they are wholly out of any context. There was more music, I seemed that every single false awakening during this dream sequence there was wonderful music, I hope that continues, that is strange because music is relatively uncommon during active lucid dreams, but it does happen occasionally.

      I laid down at 5:46 pm for the attempt. I awoke at nearly exactly 8:17. I want to say I was lucid the whole time, but memory lapses make me unable to account for all of my time in the lucid dream state. I awoke feeling energised and very well over all.

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    9. Wild/ap

      by , 09-06-2016 at 08:58 AM
      Awoke. Did 30-40 minutes of Zazen. Used theta 6.5 Binaural beats during first 20 minutes.

      Supplements used.

      Amino Acid. D-phenylalanine

      Vitamin B Complex

      Siberian Ginseng

      Laid down on bed. Listened to "astral projection" Binaural beat" for ten minutes while doing exit methods. Then I took off headphones.

      Methods Used. Rope method. Steam method, where one imagines oneself floating out of the body and hanging above it in the air. Visualising Body filling with light. A variant of the Lesser right of the Pentagram for 'protection'.

      After 20-30 minutes I suddenly become aware of peculiar sensations, first tactile, then auditory hallucinations.

      Convinced I am in the transitional state I attempt to float above and roll out of my body. The process worked, I end up crawling along the ground, slowly my visual sense comes into focus, dark images become distinct forms with colour and clear outlines.

      I am in my apartment, given the sensation of leaving the body, I decide to look around to see if the 'dream' apartment mirrored the physical word, after a few moments of looking around I see that things are very different, most notably A dedicated chess/checkers table in the corner, also the main coffee table is much smaller, and has a wood colour top quite unlike the black one residing in the physical apartment. I make my way outside through a glass door. The city is almost unrecognisable, the sea is much closer to the apartment than in real life, the city looks dingy, old, and decrepit, instead of houses, the structures are more akin to barns and are located haphazardly along the flat land and hill, with seemingly no community planning, I can see the paint is peeling, the weather is grey but it is not night. I think to myself that perhaps this is how the town is going to look after some extinction level event. I walk to the shore line, my body becomes heavy, my sight is wavering, I take a moment to enjoy the scenery before falling to the ground. As I think about it, this may be how the town looked along time ago and not in some down cast future time.

      I am in my room again, I seem to be in my bed. Not sure if I am awake or not, I do more exit techniques, when I feel my body morphing and floating upward I know it is time to get up and walk. Again I am in my apartment, I move into the bathroom, I look around and see my things are all out of order, my toothbrush is in the wrong place among other things. I jump out the window. It is sunny, things look much closer to how they should be. I pick up a piece a trash off the ground and throw it into someones window to test my accuracy. There is not one person to be seen. Again the sea is much closer than normal, I move toward it but soon fall into blackness.

      Again I wake in my bed, not sure if I am awake or not I again do the exit methods until it is clear I am still dreaming. In the black state before images started to form I was treated to some very nice music, it was the type of music I enjoyed, alt rock, but the song and band was unknown. Again I leave out the living room. Again the sea is much closer than usual, not only this but the porch was overlooking a large precipice, water was crashing into the rocks below, the foam went back into the sea. The sense of its aesthetic beauty of the scene uplifted me, its complexity, its scope, pleasurable feelings radiated through my mind. "Now this is art!" I said to myself, I watched it until the dream faded again.

      Another False wakening. Memory lapse. I find myself in a small restaurant not knowing exactly how I got there. There are people eating, I watch their conversation, one lady is my 5th grade teacher, the other lady I did not know. Feeling hungry I grab and eat a slice of pizza, slightly worried in doing this I may chew on my physical tongue, I still ate it, the taste was subtle, the temperature was moderate, it was enjoyable. I have a short conversation with the owner, offering more food I think. Again there is a sea, The restaurant is located on a isolated road along a mountain side with a forest of high trees on one side of the road and the water on the other. I see two people as I walk along the road, I say to one person "I do not know if you are real, but I am happy to have someone to share this scenery with", I do not recall him saying anything but he did smile as I recall. The dream becomes dark, my body becomes heavy. I fade into darkness.

      After another false awakening. I walk along the road, it is sunny, there are many very nice green plants everywhere, the houses all seem quite normal. I ask for my 'guardian angel' out of curiosity to see if anyone would show up, no one showed up. I see and enter a large luxurious mansion located by the sea, I look around for a while, wishing I owned such a beautiful house.

      A Lapse in memory occurs. I am walking through a field, there is green grass, the sky is bright and blue. There are two girls walking toward me, they get on a swing set. I say "Hello I need help, I keep blacking out". They looked at me vary curiously. I explain "I am a human, I am dreaming, I am having trouble keeping my dream stable". They ask cautiously "are you a LVB", they explained that this meant a 'lower vibrational body'. I was a kind a anomaly to them, a strange being, they knew I was a traveller in this world and not a resident, and judged me a bit for that. I had the strong intuition of individuality from them, the idea of doing something awkward like touching them without asking seemed unthinkable, they were too 'human', too 'conscious' seeming, I spoke with the utmost respect to them, I offered my hand and again asked for assistance, one girl lightly touched the top of my hand. The dream starts to fade, I go down to the ground and grab at weeds and grass seeking to stimulate tactile sensation, the grass was very green, there were also clovers.

      Bits and pieces which have no orientation in context, the memories around them are seemingly gone for now.

      It is dark I am spinning.

      I am in bed, my body is vibrating.

      I am at the dinner again. I pass by the kitchen where they are playing music.

      I am in bed there are voices talking around me.

      When I awoke I was exited, yet mentally tired. Even some 8 hours later I still feel completely mentally out of it, very strange.

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