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    Another partial WILD

    by , 03-30-2017 at 12:35 AM (438 Views)


    After work out

    Supplements used:



    Green tea (half cup)



    Visualize a white-light replica of my body emerge from my physical body. I identify with it. I do several things, but mainly imagined feeling the ceiling repeatedly to create a sense of dis-location.

    After working out I was physically tired. I laid down on a slight incline. I proceeded to do the methods described.

    After some time I feel asleep, and after what seemed to be only a short time, I 'woke up' in my dream body. There was a loud and intense humming coming from the center of my brain which was slightly disconcerting, I thought for a moment my brain might blow a fuse. There were also strong energetic-vibrational waves rolling over my dream body. These waves and the humming intensified as I proceeded to try to force my dream body from its laying position. When I did this I felt, what I will describe as a electric web over me, only allowed me to emerge a few feet upward and I would be pulled back down. This lasted for several minutes, I would estimate as much as ten or more. The energetic sensations and humming were pretty constant the whole time (And these sensations were very powerful, I cannot stress that enough).

    Even tho I did not have a full projection this time, it was still highly interesting and enjoyable.

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