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    A Partial WILD

    by , 01-07-2017 at 04:59 PM (500 Views)

    Used WBTB method.

    I do a variety of WILD specific methods, including the rope technique, and visualising myself above my physical body.

    After doing the methods for some time I found I was having trouble falling asleep while focusing on the methods, so I just let myself fall asleep.

    After some time of unconsciousness I wake up and am in my subtle body. My body is vibrating intensely. I try to role out of my body but I only get a few feet to the side and then feel a strong tow of gravity or magnetism pulling me back to my body, while I do this my dream body warps and vibrates violently. I kept projecting myself a few feet in every direction, and each time I felt vivid pulsations in my subtle body and the gravity pulling me back. At one point I was completely upside down with my dream feet pointing up toward the ceiling.

    Through my various attempts to dislodge myself I used some methods from my energy work exercises. I visualised my Chakras, focused on them within my subtle body, and said a mantra in my head. This caused a powerful increase in the vibrations, and also caused a expanding in my subtle body.

    This goes on for some time, I keep getting a few feet out and get sucked back. At one point to my surprise I feel two hands pulling me upward some distance by my feet. Just in case, I draw a pentagram in the air, draw a white circle around me, and recite a mantra, suspecting that if it was evil it would go away.

    At two points I actually was in a full dream environment.

    First I was in a screened in porch, it felt like I was a thousand pounds and was unable to move. I just sat there looking at a wall.

    Then I was in a drive way. Again my body was too heavy and I just laid there looking at the ground, I may have crawled a few inches, but not much more.

    This next event took place during another failed WILD, but I did not want to make a whole new entry for it, since everything else was remarkably similar to this one.

    I am floating above my body. It is almost completely dark except for a vague outline of a few things in my room. My limbs feel odd and disjointed. Next thing I know there is a 'presence' coming at me. Suddenly It takes the form of a grey alien with a large head and wide black eyes. The next thing I know It is grabbing my right leg and taking it right off my body. I waver back and forth in being calm thinking "it is only a dream" and then freaking out to some degree. The leg is completely off but I can still feel it, it was like being in two places at once. I am not sure how it ended.

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