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    Battlecruiser wars and move-in

    by , 10-03-2010 at 06:18 PM (633 Views)
    Battlecruiser wars
    This is a dream of intrigue and conspiracy. One woman is fighting for the establishment. She's young and able. A man in his 50s, who used to be one of the most skilled generals of the empire, is now rebelling. He fights the woman and wins, capturing her. He enlists her. They take off to the empire homeworld, and he tries to get a battlecruiser to fight with. She tell him that she knows a guy who sells the Academy cruisers, and he is disgusted to hear how corrupt it is.

    I'm moving in to a dorm with Peter, Mack, and someone else I don't know. The room is amazing, and looks like a ballroom almost. Everywhere there is quality wooden furniture and chandeliers and mirrors. Peter has a kitten, and I like it a lot. However, it's a little mean, and keeps trying to scratch me. I decide that I need to show it I'm much more powerful and yet kind, so after a few tries I successfully pin it, holding its paws down in such a way that it cannot scratch anything. I look closely and see its claws retracting and extending, straining to scratch me. It gives up, and I put it down and pet it. Afterwards I show someone my hands and how scratched up a small part of them is, because it could barely scratch me. Eventually our room turns into a lecture hall, and there's a professor lecturing while I listen.

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