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    Memorable Dreams

    1. Fake Reality

      by , 03-10-2015 at 06:39 PM
      This felt like one of my longest lucid dreams yet. I went to sleep at around 11:30 PM, after taking sleeping pills, and woke up at about 4:07 AM the next morning and stayed awake until about 5:10 AM using the internet, printing a sheet, and trying to figure out what to do next before I go back to bed. I went back to sleep at around 5:20 AM and performed the WILD technique, I think. I'm not sure if I'm doing it right. This is how it turned out.

      I woke up in sleep paralysis, after desperately attempting to move my body up out of bed. It took me a while to realize it, meaning the demons, or whatever it was, would come in to the room earlier. I was laid on my back under my covers(even though the blankets were not actually on me). I closed my eyes and began visualizing myself escape the current paralyzed state and imagine myself leaving the bedroom. I never actually imagined going anywhere else but inside the home I was already in. The harder I thought about myself going through that levitating phase, the harder I had to keep it in my mind. I ended up losing my train of thought the first time, but the second time I tried imagining myself moving freely away from my dream bed, I immediately flew out of this levitation mode and quickly flew through the closed door in my bedroom, in hopes that whatever else was in there would not catch me.

      After making it out, and already becoming lucid, I decided to walk outside the home. I didn't really have anything to do so far, but to save me the sensations of bordem, I decided to go ahead and summon Sydney again, out on the parkway(which was all empty). I extended my right arm back and summon her. I pulled her out in front of me but I didn't actually sure what to do with her. Once we walked back in to the house, I noticed that two of the televisions were on inside the house; one in the living room and one in my parents' bedroom. My father was inside the living room and my mother was inside their bedroom. I also saw two kids walked in to the scene at the same time I did(they somehow where already in the house). One of them was a boy and the other one was a year, one who looked so suspiciously familiar.

      Me and Sydney followed the little girl and when she walked over to my mother inside her bedroom, I then realized that it was one of the children I helped back at a preschool a few years ago. She didn't look exactly the same, nor did it look like she had any of her traits come to think of it, but while dreaming, it really felt like we were finally meeting each other again after a long time. I'm not sure if I hugged her or not.

      Me and Sydney then walked back out of the house and walked around the front steps of the house for a small bit. I saw my dog there, along with his lover, at least that's what it looked like. They stuck very close to each other, walking around me and Sydney. My dog had a tendency to lick me every time he had the chance to. I didn't like it, but then again he was my dog, so I could never neglect him. He also had a tendency to drink water from anywhere, including the dirty brown water that was inside a small fountain next to the front porch. He drank it and didn't even care how dirty it was.

      After hanging around with my dog for a while, him and his lover left. Me and Sydney were now alone with each other. This was the best time to try and talk to her, especially since our waking life communications don't exit, they never did. I walked Sydney over to the wall next to the parkway and turned towards her. I looked in her eyes, closely observing her facial expressions and attempted to ask her a question hoping she reply with a somewhat real answer.

      "I like you, Sydney." I said.

      "I like you." she repeated.

      I continued telling her how I felt about her but she kept repeating what I said. After a couple times, it got annoying. I asked why she was copying me and eventually told her to stop copying me. She didn't want to listen to me. After asking her so many times, she did manage to tell me something irrelevant, but I forgot what she said. I then decided to leave Sydney here while I went venturing out the street I was in.

      Before I walked in to the street, the dream started to turn on me by fading away. I believed the sky was adding to it. It was so dark that many of the homes in the city looked haunted. I raised up both of my arms and imagined the skies to be lit with bright stars. After several attempts, all I did was turn midnight in to late evenings. The dream was practically blind by now. I resorted to the spinning technique as a last motive. I turned my body and turned it as much as I could, so I could feel the vibrations of my dream body move along a strong, consistent pattern to assist in achieving a better vision for the world. It surprisingly worked. Everything, including the skies, were clear. I was not only shocked, but amazed.

      I walked out on to the street and I already saw someone walking it. It was a stranger, someone that kept walking down this street consistently in the dream. They wore a pink/black decorated hoodie, so I had a little trouble recalling if they were male or female. I followed them out on the side of the street. I was walking behind them and felt the urge to do something I knew. I extended my right arm back and pulled out in front of me a metal hammer. What I wanted to do to this person was obvious, and I was going to do it whether or not there were people watching. Unfortunately, that person walked in to an area I did not want to walk in to. I decided to walk away and try my luck someplace else.

      On my way walked off to other houses on the street, I saw a police car driving off in to one of the parking lot of someone's home. I saw another one opposite of the same of the same home. The first one was going down in flames, which I'm not sure what happened, and the other cop car(and whoever else was in it) didn't seem to care that one of their pals' car was burning out.

      I walked over to different house on my right side of the street to see who I could kill in a discreetly manner. I noticed several mothers on the front lawns of their home working and taking the trash out. I focused on one that lived in a darkly lit area, followed by a lonely backyard parkway. I trespassed in to their home and walked up in to the shadowy trees and bushes. They were walking closer up to me and I waited for them to walk up in front of the shadows I was in. Once the got close enough for me to touch them, I swung the hammer heavily on to their forehead and unintentionally broke the hammer. The woman then started laughing at me for not being able to kill her. I gave up trying to kill someone else, so I decided to do something else with my lucidity.

      This was where things got interesting. I flew over near a small food market on the corner of the same street I just came out of. As I was flying on to the parking lot of this place, I summoned someone I didn't really intend on summoning before I went to bed. It was Madison, one of Sydney's friends. I held her hand until the both of us were on the ground. The reason I landed on to the parking lot of this small store was because there was going to be a special event taking place her in just a few more minutes. There was coincidentally two chairs already laid out on this parking lot. I sat in the left one and Madison, on my right. We were seemingly the first ones here. There were still a lot more people left.

      As we waited, I decided to go ahead and summon a bag of chips(seeing how you don't gain weight in dreams). They were my personal favorites - Cheddar Ruffles. I grabbed some of them to munch on and then handed the bag over to Madison. She ate some with me. The taste felt almost the same, but not vividly. It wasn't strong enough for me to actually set one of my intentions to summon them before going to sleep some other night. Me and Madison both sat there as people quickly started piling up.

      The seats began filling up quickly. Many of the seats in front of us were already filled. Some of the individuals attending this ceremony were young and some were old, but not too old. As me and Madison were eating our food, I noticed a young male staring at the food we were eating. This guy looked a lot like my best friend I used to hang around with during high school. I'm not sure if it was him, though. He never bothered greeting me and I never bothered greeting him. I assumed in forgotten all about me.

      The parking lot was full by the time the one's responsible for this ceremony put up the red/white decorations scattered all over the place. I turned over towards Madison and gave her a small kiss on the lips, which was a little tasty seeing how she still had the cheddar Ruffle powder taste on them. Madison was my date for the night, but I'm not even sure if she knows it.

      Eventually, the staff presenters walked up in front of the large crowd of audience in the parking lot. They went on talking about whatever it was they meant to talk about. I don't have any recollection of what they were trying to speak out. That wasn't the purpose of this perfect moment I held in delight as I sat there that night with Madison. As I sat there, surrounded by so many cheering individuals, most of which were strangers, I felt it'd be the best time to expand my relationship with Madison to something intense. I extended my right arm back and summoned a small black case holding a valuable item inside. I pulled out the box in front of me and held it discreetly in both my hands as I got down on the ground with one left knee in front of Madison. I held the box out in front of her and opened it up as I spoke out those four dazzling words, Will you marry me?

      The audience cheered with "awes" and applause. Madison was caught by surprise. I waited for her reply but after the audience began cheering less, Madison then went on to say something along the lines of, while smiling, It's too early. I was shocked, but as long as the two of us could keep together for a little while longer, it'd eventually be a possibility. The ceremony was over by now and everyone started getting up out of their chairs and walking towards the exit. Me and Madison both got up out of our chairs. I held her in my arms in front of me very closely. At that moment, I just noticed she wore a red. glittery dress. We then both walked out towards the exit, after being escorted, and walked in to what seemed to be a casino.

      Me and Madison departed ways once we entered this new scene. At the beginning on this small hallway, the one we were escorted to, I broke out a few dance moves behind some of the girls I was walking behind with. I think I was dancing to Uptown Funk, but I'm not quite sure. I followed these three girls until we reached the bigger part of the casino - the lounge. This area was big but not too big, and not too small either. There were slot machines on my right side, a set of tables just outside the small hallway I just walked out of, and a small bar to me left, one where Jay-Z happened to be in. Perhaps Jay-Z enjoyed bar tending more than making music. That is what I thought. I also saw two older men sitting just outside the hallway near the tables. I remember summoning a Berreta to see if it couldn't fire actual bullets this time. Instead, I fired off one plastic bb and I also had to reload the gun, which would eventually become harder to pull, at which then I decided to better yet throw the gun at the hairless man who didn't mind me throwing it at him.

      I saw a few others things in the dream. I tried setting the place on fire by using a small box of match and throwing it in small cups of gasoline(what I thought) scattered around the room. The fire would sometimes extended as far as where I was holding it but didn't feel a thing.
    2. Imaginary Friends

      by , 01-11-2015 at 06:02 AM
      I appeared to be somewhere inside a nice, clean suburban neighborhood. It was sometime around 10:00 Pm when it happened. I was with my mother, walking inside one of the suburban homes making sure things seemed alright. This home we were in was quiet, also lonely. It felt like a two story home, though we didn't get chance to walk upstairs while we were in there. Me and my mothers stuck together to make sure we don't get snatched or killed. We were walking around the living room, too fearful of the place. There were functioning lights but the only one on was inside the living room. I didn't know what lurked inside, it was unknown.

      I then decided to grab a drink from the refrigerator standing in the living room. I walked up to it and opened the cabinet. What I found inside was a set of coke bottles. I took one of them and debated whether or not I should give one to my mom or not. I grabbed mine but before I even thought about getting one for my mother, I heard something inside the kitchen. I walked towards the kitchen, farthest from the entrance door, and stood there in the shadows for a moment. At that moment, I accidentally summoned someone, or something. I cautiously looked at one of the mirrors standing somewhere on the kitchen walls. In it I saw a ghostly figure, perhaps a demon - I'm not sure. This demon was staring at me. It wasn't trying to scare me or kill as I laid eyes on it, but I knew I had to get out of this place right then.

      I shivered in fear and immediately rushed towards the entrance door straight away from where I was standing. My mother followed. I ran in to the dark, empty street and waited for my mother. From then on, my lucid powers kicked in.

      I became lucid a few seconds after leaving the home. After noticing it, I quickly ran towards a field I saw standing right in front of the home. The field stood right there in front of the suburban homes like as entrance. I gradually flew towards this field and hovered as I was entering it.

      When I finally entered the field, I landed in the middle of this small field surrounded by running race track. Beyond the race track was the most hugest field I have ever scene. It was almost like being inside a video game where the maps' that seemed to be miles and miles away. I stood standing there for a bit trying to think of something I could do while lucid. One of them was to get rid of the daunting night sky. I looked up at the sky and raised both my hands up in the air and demanded there to be light! The darkness then slowly began fading away being consumed by the sunlight that struck gradually from the suburban homes all the across the gigantic field. My fears were no longer there. My heart rejoiced, but wait, there was more.

      After summoning light across the long field, I noticed several groups of people inhabiting the outer part of the field, just a few feet away from the race track. There were lots of them. Most stood in groups of about four and two. Everyone spoke among each other, admiring each others company. It was a lot like a high school reunion. There were only young individuals. I walked past these groups and appreciated their business being here with me. It's always good to see these amounts of people when lucid. It helps me develop a sense of curiosity among the dream world.

      There was much to do now that I was lucid, but one of the things I've been wanting to do for a long time was to summon someone I know. I don't know them personally, nor have I ever met them. We are complete strangers. Her name was Sydney. She was the only person I could think about summoning at a time like that.

      I extended my arms back as if I was going to handshake someone and waiting for Sydney to grab on to be. When I felt her hand at the tip of my fingers, I brought her up towards me and stared at her. I didn't throw myself upon her, I just held her in my hands and stood close in front of her as I gazed at her beautiful appearance being here with me. After that brief moment, I kept hold of her hand and moved along her left side. We both started walking towards a marching band standing just a couple feet from the race track.
      lucid , memorable
    3. A Parallel Universe

      by , 10-01-2013 at 06:06 PM
      My love for lucid dreaming is strong as I cope with the loss of a friend, but I cannot stand seeing their home inside the dream and wanting to be able to do what I never did with them in person whenever I would walk her to school.

      It's happening on this street I currently live in. It's not a long street, as a matter of fact, it could take me about 10 minutes to walk across it in reality. It isn't like that in dreams. In dreams, the time it takes to walk down across this street is determined by how many memories I have within it, I assume. My father is driving me down this street in this blue car. He is going to take me near the other side of this street. As he does, I notice a few elements on the way.

      On our way down I saw one of my friends' home. Her name was Trinh. Me and Trinh lived on this same street(a little funny because she is the friend of the girl who I tried apologizing to for a year). Unlike her real home, which was a little bit trashy(okay, a lot trashy), this home is as clean as a rich, suburban home. But I'm still not convinced that this may be a dream.

      As we're driving on to the next houses, I see Trinh's house again. This made me to believe that I am in fact in a dream. After that my father turned at a corner and that was basically it for this scene. My dream was beginning to fade when I kept on emphasizing to my mind that I AM in a lucid dream.
    4. Twisted Ends

      by , 01-14-2013 at 04:03 AM
      There's not much I can recall from this night, just a couple of things.

      I was back at school again, not sure what sure what school, so probably Pacific again. The classroom lights were shut off like always in the dreams. The students are sitting around the classroom in the form of a circle. We were the last ones left, all the other kids moved on to bigger and better places. I was stuck with them.

      There was only one face I remember. Her name was Leah. What surprised me the most was that she was a smart one where I actually went to school and she was also Asian. This surprised me because I don't see too many of them around the area I live in the real world. I talked to one but she barely knows English. Ever since I fell in love with someone from Vietnam, I started to feel excited when ever I saw an Asian person in the area I live in. So when I saw Leah in the dream, it felt like she wasn't supposed to be with students who fail lots of tests. Well, that was it.
    5. Just the Way You Are

      by , 01-04-2013 at 09:26 PM
      The time is late in the afternoon, walking under the cold rain. My parents are walking with me. We're walking towards a toy store in front of the parking lot as I struggle making my way through the parking lot. I feel some sort of weakness. I don't know why but my feet are half paralyzed, so it's going to take a really long time to walk to the toy store.

      My parents are already there. "Keep walking!", I said to them. I made my way under a parking lot light pole and stood here for a while. I'm taking a rest here. It's such a really good feeling I have here right now. No one is bothering me which makes it even better!

      It seems pretty calm. I see a few cars pass me by and there's a school I see in front of me. There's someone in the crowd. She looks a lot like Trinh. She's wearing a red/white jacket and blue pants. I'm positive it's her! I'm going to walk up to her and get a better look.

      It is her! It's Trinh! It's really Trinh! She looks exactly the same way she does in the waking world! I haven't had this great feeling ever since I first saw Quynh in a dream! I can't believe this non lucid helped me find out the way Trinh really looks!

      I walked up to her and hugged her and gave her all the love she can get(not too far). I see her face and automatically believe this is all a dream. I will never have her in the waking world, friend or girlfriend, so I know her just standing her is all just a dream.

      I'm kissing the this girl and as she kisses me back, she makes those funny lip kissing sounds. Her lips feel nice as well. Nothing about her feels strange at this moment. And even though she wasn't the first girl I fell in love with, she is still more admirable than the first, and not so much like a bitch.
    6. Almost Famous

      by , 01-04-2013 at 08:55 PM
      Thousands and thousands of clapping hands were heard on this very big, plain field filled with people. All whose faces looked excited to see the one face that popped in to the field. Me. Every single person on this field was applauding as I was riding on a carriage. It was beautiful! I didn't know whether to believe it or not, so I just accepted the fact that it was all for me!

      As someone was riding the carriage for me, I was staring at all the people in the crowd and only thought of how unbelievable it felt to have so many people clap for you.

      The carriage was almost on its way to the other side of the field. This was the last chance I was able to say anything to the crowd. I didn't say anything, instead I raised my right hand and made a peace sign gesture which made the crowd raise their scream even louder! It was truly amazing!

      After my few minutes of fame past, things got worse. I was on a journey, with some of my other classmates from high school, to go through the woods and find the point for going in it in the first place. I walked in to the woods but found it all to be a challenge, seeing how I was in bare feet. My other classmates went on without me. That's when another problem occurred. My right foot had something on its bottom. I picked it up to see what it was and found out there was a piece of wood stuck to it. My foot was bleeding. I tried to take off this piece off wood at first but it only bled more. I could remember the way it felt taking the piece out! I was grossed out.

      There was only thing I could do in a situation like this. I had to go and find a teacher on the other side of this area I was in. I did and I did so quickly. I hopped on my left foot and quickly hopped my way over to the teacher's area. On the way, I shown my cut to a few kids and they were even grossed out.

      Once I made it to the teacher's area, I tried to find a teacher someone on the street. This area also looked a lot like the area next to the abandoned theater near the location I live in the waking world. There was no sign of teachers, so I walked in to a home and found things to have change a lot!

      I walked in to a home and suddenly felt like it was now a Minecraft experience! I was in small room filled with chests. One of them was an Ender chest. I walked up to one of my chests and only saw a few non Minecraft items in there. That's when I decided to go in to the wild and explore.

      I did so and found something interesting on the way. The wild I just walked in to looked a lot like a dream I had before, a dream where most of it took place next to a really huge ocean. I didn't like it at the start. I walked in to a big section of 1x1 towers , flew to the top of one and found a player hiding somewhere in the bottom. His server name was 98Brando, the one who always assumes he's better than everyone else. I jumped on to the ground in front of him and we were now standing on a border between danger zone and safe zone. It's obvious what happened here. I jumped away from the safe zone and jumped in to the danger zone to attack him. I done this repeatedly until he died and I took his armor and items. After he died, I picked up his armor and he had all Protection 4 armor as well as really good weapons and items.

      Then I woke up for a short while.
    7. Finding the Answers Within

      by , 12-30-2012 at 05:08 AM
      This entry would probably fall in to the category of my most favorite lucid dreams. I've never had a lucid dream that went on for a long time! It was also one where summoning Quynh felt like a bad idea at the time, though, I did meet some beautiful girls on the way.

      I first started inside a hotel room, one that views long strips of the city streets. The first person I noticed here was a girl who posted a dream entry on Youtube. She was seated right next to the window. There were also a few other people here, but I could not remember their faces. They all appeared calm.

      My job at the time was to punish these people for something I may have forgotten about. From there I noticed some lettering on my left wrist. The lettering I have in reality read "Dream" on my left wrist. There was obviously something wrong with the lettering in the dream. I stared at it closely, very closely and noticed strange triangular symbols written on it. I looked up to a girl's face to my left and felt the feeling of really being in a dream. I was now dreaming.

      I began my first move by promisingly yelling at them and commanding them to break the hotel windows. They never said a word. I felt in control but I also felt bad as I stood there staring at their terrified faces. I walked outside the door in the room and closed the door.

      I walked in to a chef's kitchen room. It looked more like the inside of a mall when I saw the chef's cooking tools in there. There was a chef I talked to. He was a very tall, dark man who looked busy at the time. I followed him as he was cooking up some food and eventually asked him my favorite question. "We're in a dream." He didn't say anything for a moment but then replied, "I don't know." I was hoping to receive a more sensible answer. So, I turned back and saw a teenage girl. I walked up to her and told her, "We're in a dream." She didn't say anything either! I was out of ideas.

      My first idea was to summon Quynh and hope I could get her face right this time. But then again, I found it more exciting to see what I can find in the dream world if I lasted a little longer. I went ahead and followed that idea. It wasn't a hard choice at the time, probably because I tried summoning her in a dream before this one, but failed.

      My lucid journey began with a bad thought. There was nothing else I found exciting on the moment, so I tried something I could not do in waking life. I wanted to kill someone with a knife, just to see how it feels to stick a blade down someones back. I walked towards the chef's table of tools and opened individual cabinets, looking for a knife. At my worst luck, I could not find any. All I found was spoons and I'm pretty sure they won't do much to someone who is willing to fight back. I gave up on that idea.

      After checking all these cabinets, I saw a group of teenage boys walking up to the table in front of me. One of them was carrying a long pick fork. I hoped they weren't there to kill me. They stood in front of the table in front of me and starting and just stood there. I was relived he didn't try to kill me. I then left this area and continued on to a scenario in the dream.

      This next scene, I was back at Pacific High School. It was already dark. I was on the parking lot riding a powered scooter all over it. It was had for me to control the vehicle but most of the times I rode it without a problem! A few seconds after riding the scooter, I saw a huge crowd of students walking out of the school. Me and my scooter were heading right towards the fence in front of the school. Sooner or later, I realized I was going to crash in to the fence and did. I felt embarrassed but no biggie, I laughed after it. I also noticed a girl laughing somewhere in the crowds of people. At first I thought she was laughing at me but then I noticed she was laughing at someone else in the parking lot.

      The dream changed faces again. This time I appeared in a mall, where my lucid world felt more beautiful to explore. The mall was pretty full. It reminds me back when I had the dream about a woman giving me a piece of candy with a letter in it. I didn't do anything that would cause the dream to fade away, so I kept calm and carefully explore the world.

      I walked through crowds of people finding things of my own interest. I found a few girls and decided to accompany them for the rest of the dream. I saw an Asian girl standing in front of small store. I walked up to her and held her right hand. Now that I think of it, this was really awesome! Usually, only the Asian girls want to be just friends with me but this was where my dream came true! Well, in a dream it did. We didn't even walk too much though. There was this other girl walking to our left but this time she was holding another guy's hand. I ditched the other girl and walked in front of the couple. I extended my left hand towards the girl as she grabbed mine. The dude even encouraged me to take her by pushing her towards me! I felt like a pimp.

      This other girl I stole from the guy was even more beautiful, well from the back she was. I stared at the back of her head and noticed how vivid it looked! I was so glad I stole her from him. But anyways, I continued the dream by searching the mall for something interesting, even though I already found someone. I did find an old friend on the way. I found Valerie, one of the girls who went to piano class with me. She was in front of a store yelling out sales.

      I walked around the mall for a while not doing much but observing everything I saw. I do remember trying to use my imaginary powers to break down some walls in the mall. I pointed my fingers at these walls and was hoping for an explosion. Nothing happened.

      After long minutes of just walking through the crowds, I finally noticed the girl right next to me changed her appearance! It was strange at first because she looked a lot like my sister! I was no longer interested. So, me and my older sister decided to take a trip down the parking lot outside the mall, which appeared to be inside the mall. Me and my sister walked through it and made our way past a street just outside the mall.

      I paid close attention to the cars driving past me. Some of them were going in the wrong directions, I felt. I walked past the street and only a thought of one thing. This was my dream and even if I do embarrass myself, my brain would be the only one would know, unless Leonardo Di Caprio tries to steal an idea off me...

      I walked up towards a park and musical class I saw in front of me. I saw a piano inside the music class and a few students right next to it. I feel like I've been here before. To my right I saw a classroom full of elementary students listening to some of the adults reading to them. I stared at them. I noticed the restrooms were right next to the music class and far from the classroom of students.

      I wanted to see if I can use some kind of secret powers against a gate I saw in front of me but it still wouldn't work. So, I moved over to the classroom of students and told them and the adults out loud, "We're in a dream!" They all looked at me as if I was crazy. Then the dream ended.
    8. Where the hell is Quynh?!

      by , 12-18-2012 at 08:33 PM
      I just got back from a mission to save myself from a dungeon filled completely with water. And by the time I reached a new scene, I became lucid as soon as I stepped foot on my first elementary school.

      Everything was calm. I walked in to the school from the side parking lot to the left with a man following me. There was no one around, it was all very quiet. I saw a classroom near the parking lot and decided to walk in. Me and this other man came in with me but just waited next to the exit door. I saw the classroom half empty with kids. The teacher looked a lot like my old 12th grade science teacher, Mrs. Kelly. No one made a peep at the moment. I decided to investigate the room for anything of interest. I don't know what I was looking for. I turned around and saw a girl that caught my interest. This girl was wearing a purple/white striped t-shirt. She had black long hair and was light skinned. I walked up to this girl seating in her seat and before I could talk to her, she got up and turned a piece of paper in to the front of the class. I turned her way and gave her a small kiss on the lips. She tried to resist at first but didn't bother pushing me away. I guess the ladies just love my kisses...

      So after that kiss, I walked outside back with my partner, or the man, and continued to search for other stuff. I saw a playground to the left of the classroom that was completely empty! And because I saw lucid, I felt I had enough time to be able to attempt summoning Quynh again. I rolled up my sleeves from my sweater and started my job.

      The scenarios began to change again. I don't remember much about how I got to different places but I remember the types of things I saw on my way to the next place. I was walking for a while and saw so many people walking past me. All of a sudden the whole place was filled. I noticed a few places here and there but there was only one who really stood out from the rest. Her name was Stephanie. She was the first girl I really liked and even though it's been six years since I saw her, I still see her face in dreams. I'm sure it has to do something with Quynh.

      When I first saw Stephanie's face in the crowds, I noticed the structure of her face changed. She didn't stare back at me but it was nice seeing her again. I went by so many people at that time. It was a happy moment knowing it was all in my head while I slept.

      I reached a corner and finally saw a chance to summon Quynh. I used my imagination and tried to summon her but failed. There, I thought of summoning her by extending my hand back with my face towards where I'm walking and yelled out, "Quynh, come here!" I did feel a touch but when I turned around it wasn't her. This happened on several attempts and for each time I failed, I pushed the wrong ones away in to the crowd. i even tried my best to picture her in my mind by imagining the Facebook picture she has on her profile. Nothing worked and as I continue to perform this kind of task, the more I realize she falling out of my mind.

      The big mall I was now in, I just exited, where I felt my control was losing itself. I stepped on to the sidewalk of a street and tried to see if I can summon someone besides Quynh, like one of her friends. I turned to my left and saw a long way to the next corner. I had a choice whether to walk in to more crowds of people or on this long sidewalk. I chose the sidewalk. Before I could do anything else, I slowly woke up.
      lucid , memorable
    9. Old Experiences

      by , 12-17-2012 at 03:54 AM
      It was a long dream. I'll first start out with the area where it all started. Me and the rest of my classmates were on a field trip exploring the city we lived in. We first explored the one area where I get up in the morning and take early walks, the church. It was the Catholic church and all we did here was just hang around. I was with another friend. Like most times, I don't remember who I am with.

      I was standing next to this student and I just stared at the bell on top of the church. I thought of possibilities to get on there to feel just like Ezio or Altair from Assassin's Creed. I was afraid of being on there though because I have a really big fear of heights.

      They day was getting dark but not for long. Me and the rest of the class walked through another building near the church. Once we walked through the building, the scenario changed. We were no longer near the church, but we were in an area I've been in before. It looked a lot different from the last time I came here. It was a school, an elementary school. I never thought of exploring the areas on this school, so I followed my classmates instead and made our way through the cafeteria.

      It was a good experience visiting this place again but the more I thought about all this being a dream, the more worried I was that I was going to wake up. Following my classmates led to a whole new area. This time I was back at my old elementary school. We were at the back of the school visiting other kids from this school. The area was full of kids and teachers and although I can't remember some of their faces, it was still a great feeling to be back here again.

      There was an area I wanted to explore but didn't here. It was the location where students would tell stories of murders in front of the school playing field. The area was lonely at that moment thought, so I never walked there.

      There were so many kids here at the moment that I lost track of my classmates. This was where I felt strong about my lucidity. Me and the rest of the class made our way in to another building. In this building there was more classrooms with more students in them. I can tell that this whole dream was a field trip to other schools.

      I walked around the classroom and found some things of interest. Because this was a lucid dream, I thought it would be a good idea to pull out a few words from it. I looked at the walls in the classroom and eventually found a map with the names of countries. The words were hard to read and I noticed that only some parts of the map were marked with country names.

      After a while of being inside this room with all these students, I walked out the nearest exit that lead me in to a narrow hall. I sat there waiting for the rest of the students to walk out. The room appeared to be a calm one. I felt so relaxed. Abigail came out of the room and had told me that the class was already on their way to the next room. I walked down the narrow hall to my left and stopped when I saw a waiting room. In this room I saw a few other classmates relaxing in it as well. The teacher was probably waiting for us in the other room.

      I exited the waiting room and walked across in to another room, through another building where the rest of the class were waiting. They were waiting for me. I walked up to one of the teachers and tried to figure out what was next. I did see my old science teacher, Mrs. Kelly. They were waiting for me to take a few syringe shots. I'm not sure what the effects were. One of the instructors here called me over to a seat. I listened and sat down near her area. As I was seated, she gave me a red colored syringe and I wondered what it would do. The woman had another syringe in her right hand though. She pulled it out and struck me with it in the neck. Once that happened, I had a feeling of wooziness. It wasn't a bad feeling but I was afraid of what I would end up being. Then I woke up.
    10. Same Classroom, Different Teacher

      by , 12-15-2012 at 08:45 PM
      I had this dream more than once. It's the same classroom just different teachers. As a matter of fact, I don't think there was an active teacher here, only me and several other students. It was Pacific High School and I sort of thought I would forget about this school. Nothing much happened in the dream besides talking to fellow classmates. I was happy but it's all I could remember. The classmates were strangers I've never seen before, though there was only one male student I think I met somewhere before. I want to say someone I met on the streets while walking but, I know his face from a very old classroom I walked in to before...
    11. First Time Remembering

      by , 12-12-2012 at 05:30 PM
      I'm back at my old home again with a few friends and family. I remember these friends from my past and they would often act like they used to, when I was a very young. There were a couple other kids too like four more others. I spent most of my time with the friend I met back in elementary school. There was nothing entertaining about this dream, I was only hanging around with them and playing what every seven year old's play now in days. Sometimes he would tease me in the dream and make me feel as if I was weaker than him. I didn't mind much. I got frustrated in the dream when him and the other kids would take my stuff without permission. At one point, I take back something that was not theirs. I figured they'd be mad but they weren't. My mother looked at me struggling with these kids and tried to see if she could help, but it was my job to stop it. I felt obligated to stop it. A few minutes later, everyone moved all around the house to find a place to eat their lunch. I was just standing there wondering how my friend and all these other kids got here. And that was when it came to me. I tried to remember where I came from before this happened and as soon as I thought of the dream some more, I now realized it to be a dream. At first, I yelled. Not a manly yell. And then I quickly walked over to the living room, where some of the kids were eating, and right before I was going to say, "We're dreaming!", I woke up. After waking from the dream, I thought about trying to go back in it, seeing how I just woken up and haven't moved yet, but still, I didn't want to see anything creepy appear.
      lucid , memorable
    12. It's Becoming Worse

      by , 09-23-2012 at 06:04 PM
      So here's where I'm at. I'm at home trying to decide what I should get Quynh(friend) for her birthday. I think she was still mad at me for yelling at her in this dream. There's a couple of guys in the home walking around the house with small notebooks in their hands. I asked one of them if I could see what was inside this book. A couple of the boys gave me a chance to read the book but as soon as I opened it, I found some secrets. This was a gift for Quynh and inside this book, I read the word, "J'aime". I thought it meant love in French, so after reading it, I was shocked. I felt like doing something insane to these boys, like killing them. But I woke up instrad.
    13. A Blast from the Past

      by , 06-30-2012 at 01:51 AM
      I can remember being back at my old classroom in Math class. I was seating as the teacher was organizing the stuff and everyone else was preparing to get ready to graduate from the school. I am seating there watching my teacher packing up some books while she talks to another teacher. Being here again made me feel so happy. I thought of Abby during this part. I think it was because I just got braces the day before. The teacher then dismissed us and now we were able to leave the class and leave the school. As soon as I left the classroom, I noticed how bright the sun was again and I saw so many people walking out of their classrooms. It was a ghetto city, so I was cautious of what or who was able to attack me. I followed the long crowd through the hallway right next to the classroom I just left. I followed until I saw an empty open space and walked in to it. I decided to help a few teachers help pack their things.But as soon as I entered one classroom, they were already receiving help. So, I decided to go home now. On my way home, I seemed to have super natural powers. I had the power to move as fast as I could. I was moving so fast I felt like Wesker from Resident Evil 5. As soon as I finally reached the school parking lot, I moved extra fast. Most people didn't even pay attention to how fast I was though. After a couple of minutes of running, the scenario changed and now, I was a different character of this dream. I was now a girl living up to her dreams of being successful in her life. I watched as her life slowly started to change from a bad one to a really good one. At the end of her success, I was in a jungle just watching as she took a high jump off a high ledge and landed on another one below her.
    14. Let's Just Be Friends

      by , 06-26-2012 at 04:24 PM
      I'm in a hotel room somewhere in the inner city. I'm with a few people. Their names were Eric, Leah, and some other guy who I didn't know. I always chatted with them on Facebook but not too much in real life. For some reason, I was in love with Leah in this dream. I felt the same way I did about Quynh about Leah. I talked to Leah and tried to become only friends with her. She knew I liked her. He accepted me as a friend only. While I was in this hotel room, I couldn't help but think that being only friends can be fun but I still have some love for her. Sometimes Leah's figure would change and become one of the other people I met back when I was in a hospital. She was very pretty. Me and her friends were talking about going somewhere like a party or event. I forgot exactly what it was but I decided to go. Even though Leah wasn't going, I still went with a rapper named Pitbull. I'm not sure why it wasn't Eminem instead. Eric wasn't coming, so I went alone out of all the 3 people who were in the hotel room with me. Sometimes I would go in to that hotel room and think about how much I loved Leah, but tried my best not to take it too far. I tried to be grateful for having her as a friend.
    15. Coping with Mental Pain

      by , 06-20-2012 at 03:07 PM
      I don't remember much but I'll try my best at trying to explain what I saw in little bits. Okay first, I was in a house somewhere in a land far away. The place looked so familiar and just felt so familiar. I'm inside a house that really had no rooms, only a hallway and ever time I dream of this same place, I wouldn't remember if there were people or not. It was sort of like just thoughts that I was picturing. I'm not sure how to explain it. Anyways, Sometime when I was inside this narrow hallway, I was crying again over Quynh. I was in deep pain. I cried so much for her that I didn't know what I was going to do to continue living without her. It was like my pain doubled from waking life. But I while I was crying, I thought about the pain I have to endure to finally get her out of my life. I thought about just forgetting everything about her, then I won't be so sad anymore. I suppose this made me feel better upon awakening because I wasn't dealing with as much mental pain than the dream. I was also thinking of the group therapy session I had the previous day when we talked about this. I also remember being in the kitchen with my mom while she was serving me some drinks. I still felt a little bad about not being able to see Quynh again but I told my mother I would eventually forget about her.
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